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Life is turn by turn

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7 months agoeSteem3 min read


Life they say is not a bed of rose, sometimes you get to face the good and happy side and sometimes you get to face the bad and sad side but whichever side you are face with always have it at the back of your mind that it will pass because nothing last forever and life is turn by turn.

The fact that you are facing difficulties now does not warrant giving up, if you will just persevere a little bit more then your own turn will surely come because life is turn by turn. The fact that you are very okay and rich now whereas that your next neighbour is struggling and striving for survival does not give you the right to be misbehaving and feeling on top of the world because life is turn by turn and there own time will surely come too.


Even the terrestrial ball (earth) is rotating, offering different weather conditions to different regions of the world; some Summer, some Winter, some Autumn while some Spring and this shows that nature is trying to tell us that life is turn by turn so don't envy anyone neither should you feel inferior to anyone because your time will come too.

The point/position you are today remember someone was there yesterday and someone is trying all his/her best to get there tomorrow! its all turn and the next in line is decided only by hardwork, commitment and innovations.

Take life has it come and brace yourself for a better future because what life itself has in store for you will surely surprise you, so why should you be down because today is not going has planned? All you have to do is to fill your part of the quota.



Life may be hard enough on it own already but you need to put your best strength into anything your hands find doing and do it diligently. Whatsoever worth doing is worth doing so very well! so give life your best and wait for your turn.


Not only should you put your best strength into everything your hands find doing, you must also put your heart into everything that comes your way and make a commitment never to give up!


You must also be open to opportunities around, be innovative and know that help can come from any angle so let your mind be always open!

Once you fulfil your own part then surely life will smile on you eventually and your turn will come but you must know that heaven only help those that help themselves so prepare the way first then you can walk smoothly.



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