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[Interview] The background of STEEM's Hard Fork 23.0 and a look behind the @blocktrades curtain.


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This is the contents of an interview with Steem witness, which may help us know better about the hard fork 23.0 initiated on May 20.Translated from:

Blockchain project Steem will implement a hard fork on May 20 at 11:00 pm(Korea time). The hard fork announcements will be uploaded on May 19 at 11:00 pm (Korea time), and it contains different content from the HIVE hard fork that occurred in March. In order to examine the background and issues of Hard Fork, JOIND interviewed the Steemit-based rewarding site Triple A Witness Team. Triple A is a domestic project that secured the top 20 witnesses after Hive Hard Fork. Below is the full interview.

Q> What is the background of starting the hard fork?

“When Hive separated the blockchain in March, certain accounts were excluded from the airdrop. They responded with the statement that they ‘excluded accounts that oppose decentralization .’ However, this is not true. Just the users who did not agree with the actions of the Witnesses before the Hive Hard Fork and mediated between the Steem Foundation and the old Witnesses were excluded.

The problem is the situation after the HIVE hard fork. They continued to attack the Steem blockchain ecosystem since then in the following ways:

1.Damage the network stability: disturbances caused by different node versions and meaningless price feeds

  • Block RAM spamming through infinite small amount transfer through the use of bots
  • Write offensive and pointless spam comments to leave other Steem users with a sense of isolation. Besides, write long-length comments which are even impossible to comment on and also aggressive comments.
  • Exploiting the Steem Rewards Pool by conducting comments farming,self-vote farming, etc. which violated the spirit of “Proof of Brain” they insisted on when they were witnesses.
  • Spreading fake news like rumors.
  • Publicly attacking users, collecting personal information, threatening murder

For these reasons, we started a hard fork. ”

Q> What are the changes in this hard fork?

“Basically, this hard fork includes reducing the power-down period from 13 weeks to 4 weeks. This is to provide an opportunity for investors and users to access Steem more easily.

The important thing is that the hard fork was implemented by witnesses rather than Steemit Foundation, if necessary, the hard fork will request assistance from Steemit foundation. In addition, the seed node list update will be performed in parallel with this hard fork to stabilize the Steem blockchain.

Finally, the 23.0 hard fork also includes responses to the attacks on Steem blockchain during the period that is closely related to the aforementioned hard fork background. Account seizures are scheduled for accounts that pose a direct threat to the Steem blockchain or threaten the legitimate assets of Steem holders. This was included as a mandatory measure to improve the network stability and user environment of Steem.

Q> What is the time for announcement and exact update time for the hard fork?

“Hard Fork announcements will be uploaded via Steem @Mysoftfork22888 account on May 19 at 11:00 pm (Korea time). Along with the announcement, related code will be released. The hard fork update time is currently scheduled for May 20 at 11:00 PM. The code will update to version 23.0. ”

Q> There are discussions about the possibility of separating the hard fork chain.

“Currently, the main Witnesses are supposed to go to 23.0 by consensus. The code is shared through contact with the exchange. If there are witnesses who do not update to 23.0, they will create a chain that is forked to version 22.0 among themselves. Of course, there is no change in applying to 23.0 in the chain. Theoretically, if there were enough Witnesses running the 22.0 code, there are possibilities of Steem separating the chain. ”

Q> What is the plan after the hard fork?

“Current Steem witnesses had a difficult time preparing servers and becoming witnesses since the last Hive hard fork, and now we are understanding the system to some extent. While preparing for the hard fork, I realized how much pressure the existing system had been experiencing. We will continue to improve the constitution of the steem ecosystem so that this does not happen any more. Also, priority is given to improving blockchain stability and user experience, and we want to add features that focus on improve Steem so that both users and investors can develop rather than keeps the current position as before. ”

Q> You said you realized how much pressure the existing system had been experiencing. I wonder what it means.

“It has a lot to do with what the old Witnesses did. In order to understand this, we need to take a look at the behaviors of blocktrade(@blocktrades) which was No.1 witness before the hard fork in March. Blocktrade was one of the main individuals who had been mining since the beginning of Steem. It is managed by a person named Dan Nostein, and it is confirmed that he owns a company besides Blocktrade.

The problem is that by the end of 2019, it has received over 25 million Steem for 3 years in the excuse of development costs from Steemit Foundation. He also designed SPS, a kind of developer fund. Although it was nominated as a developer fund, in reality, it was used as a window through which old witnesses could make money. Currently, SPS is working in the same mechanism on HIVE, and eventually it is used as a tool to distribute rewards to a handful of Witnesses and those around them. Requesting 1000 HBD (SBD) per day for 63 days, it is taking more than $ 50,000 to build an image server. It is a method of taking development costs directly from the reward pool without asking the Foundation.

Blocktrade used the same method on Steemit. Blocktrade's account and funds can be checked through the record on exchange. Taken together, it can be seen that more than 20 million Steem was received from the Steemit Foundation for three years and moved to the exchange. Blocktrade also abused a second account, @darthknight, to vote for old witnesses during the 22.2 hard fork. At that time, @darthknight had a Steem Power-up of over 3 million steem (the greater the power-up amount, the greater the influence of the witness voting), and according to the memo of exchanges, the account belongs to blocktrade. There is also evidence of the transaction record related to what has been said so far. The evidence can also be verified directly through the transaction tool in Steem. The SPS in Steem that Blocktrade abused has been blocked by the cooperation of the Foundation. ”

Q> Why did you set a late time for the announcements of the hard fork?

“As mentioned before, after the hard fork in March, Steem has been attacked by Hive. The announcements were set late to equip for this. The announcement is going to upload at 11:00 pm on the 19th, one day before the hard fork.

Q> There is also the opinion that this hard fork is being conducted for the personal interest of current Steem Witnesses.

“Currently, there are very few Steemit main witnesses who make a living by this. If it is an operation for personal benefit, I think it would be better to simply post or develop a DApp and sell the product. ”

Q> I heard the airdrop of a new project Blurt, do you know how this project started?

“There was a man named BIRDINC who worked at Steemit who was mainly responsible for the work related to B2B or exchange contact. As HIVE hard fork broke out, BIRDINC moved to HIVE. However, BIRDINC was not rewarded for work since he is not a witness of HIVE. So he asked Hive if he could get compensation through SPS. He asked for a reward of around $ 300 per day, but he was kicked out after Hive refused.

Afterward, BIRDINC stated that he would also separate the chain. I don't know the exact way to split the chain, but the following facts have been revealed.

  • 1.Unlike Hive, all accounts will receive airdrop without exclusion.
  • 2.Snapshots are conducted on the 20th at around 2pm, as revealed.
  • 3.However, the launch date of the chain is scheduled for July 4

Witnesses in the initial chain are provided with benefits such as guaranteed witness activity for two years.
Considering that the launch date is July 4th, it seems to be a form of forcing a database of snapshots taken on May 20th after launching and transferring to each account. However, specific information such as the chain separation method has not yet been released. ”

Q> Why is there a delay in Steemit operation after Hive hard fork?

“The frequent delays in operation have been caused by subtracting the system built by old witnesses all at once. There was also a reason for the attack by Hive. Through hard fork this time, we will be free from the stagnation that has been experienced for many years and create a foundation for each person to prosper and grow. ”

※ The author has held Steem since 2017


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