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The Headline I Wrote Before Knowing What The Post Would Be About and A Few More Words To Make It Official


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I'll be battling through a haze of thoughts today.
I'm allowed to write about whatever I want to write about.
I can do whatever the hell I want.
So today I'll simply sit here and allow life to happen.

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I chose to write these words today.

Though I'm not sure how to write the rest because I don't know what's next.

Can't see it coming.

Though I look around a lot. I see a lot of things. The happenings.

Life to me is about more than focusing on the ground and a few feet ahead of where I am, as I walk along. There's far more to this world than the device in my pocket. So much more than the keys of this laptop, though I'll be needing these keys for now, since these words cannot write themselves.

I've always been a people watcher, though I know better than to stare.

Watching people here. Watching people there.

Do you do that?

Or do you find better things to do that all revolve around you...

It's strange, this life.

Sitting down near the window, enjoying a hot cup of coffee. An early riser with nothing to do.

That's probably what I look like to anyone else who sees.

I doubt anyone noticed but if they did, they would have been correct.

The early morning rush is an event I enjoy watching.

So many people trapped within their lives. No time to spare.

The day is planned out to be much like the day before but, life has other plans.

I saw the vehicle pull in

and park.

Observed a young man in a hurry. Dropped his wallet the moment he exited his vehicle. The first step he took inadvertently kicked the wallet under the car. It all happened so fast. I saw everything.

He can't reach it. He gets back in his car, puts it in reverse, then backs out of the stall. Forgot to look?

Another vehicle that had just exited the drive-through lane came to a screeching halt. The driver of that vehicle was not impressed with the amount of coffee she had spilled all over her white jacket. I could see the stains all the way from where I was sitting.

While that's all happening, there was a crash in the kitchen, the words, "Oh no," could be heard, and someone is complaining at the counter about the unsolicited butter smeared all over her blueberry bagel. I'm thinking a whirlwind of tragedy, straight from the depths of hell, has blown in, to consume us all.

Unscripted humanity.

Solid entertainment made just for me.

So now, there is some confusion. They're both just sitting there in the parking lot, holding up traffic. Instead of moving forward, he must be thinking about that wallet. She doesn't know about the wallet so she's honking the horn.

He backs out further, she's probably thinking dude! There's no place for you to go!

I assume she's expecting this dumb kid is about to hit her vehicle. She also knows she's trapped between him and a line of cars behind her.

Now he gets out of his car, which nobody else but I, as the one observing this entire mess, expected. She's yelling at him, as he's walking away from his car, which in her mind is probably the exact opposite thing he should be doing at this moment, all while at least six other people attempting to live today, cannot proceed.

He bends down.

Picks up his wallet.

His phone falls out of his pocket and I'll never know how many cracks are in that screen now but based upon his body language, there's at least one.

It begins to rain.

Now here's a guy who should have stayed in bed today.

He moves forward, parks. I'm still watching.

Car after car after car after car drives past. Not one of those people was willing to stop and let him cross. I don't blame them.

I can see something on the roof of his car but he's nearly at the door to this fine establishment. I think it's his wallet.

I count four people in front of him, waiting in line.

He's glued to his phone and the earbuds are in full bloom.

Some time passes. It's quiet, aside from your typical coffee shop sounds, and one toddler sitting in a highchair who I think is the only other people watcher here, because he won't stop looking at me.

I was thinking about making faces at this kid when I noticed it was finally time for the hero of this story to place his order.

One extra large double double, please.

All that, for one cup of coffee.
And now he's searching all of his pockets for the wallet that is on top of his car.

I think I left my wallet in the car.

Before I could say anything like, "Hello, I've been watching you, your wallet is on top of your car," he was out the door.

I watch him leave, walk hastily to his car with his head down, staring at the ground, the entire way, because maybe he dropped his wallet?

Doesn't notice the wallet on the roof of his car, opens the door. For about two minutes, I watched him frantically searching every last little hiding spot in that vehicle. I watched him get out, check under the seats, goes to the back seats, I could see clothes and stuff flying around.

He gets out of the car. Stands there, looking at the ground all around, the wallet is right beside his head, I thought anytime now, he's going to see it. Can't miss it, buddy! It's right there!

He gets back in his car...

Drives away.

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