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Content Consumers: They Spend the Money Anyway


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Why do I do the things I do, the way I want to do them?
I might not be the best artist in the world.
I might not be the funniest man on the planet.
Plenty of writers do a finer job than I.

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What I do know:

My approach is effective.

Not everyone likes what I do. I don't demand everyone's respect.

I'm just some dude, doing my thing, hoping to entertain people, most days.

Today, it's about business.

Like everyone else, I want to produce something that is seen, read, and enjoyed by as many people as possible.

There are thousands of ways to produce and present entertainment to the world. Not everyone likes everything, but there's always someone out there who likes something.

Simple enough.

And I'm using the term 'entertainment' loosely.

Whatever you like to consume is what 'entertains' you.

Therefore, even the most boring thing in existence probably entertains someone, somewhere. Even the cats of this world just sit there staring out the window all day — and it's the best thing ever.

Entertainment isn't all about laughs and smiles. Whatever you came here to look at is what entertains you.

People spend big bucks on entertainment.

To the tune of billions of dollars, annually.

Buy a book or magazine. That money is gone, forever.

Buy a single audio track or album. That money is gone, forever.

Buy a movie or subscribe to Netflix. That money is gone, forever.

Send a donation or tip your favorite online content producer. That money is gone, forever.



Billions upon billions of dollars. Gone, forever.

Those receiving it are having a happy day. Those handing it out are getting a quick fix.

Entertainment feels good. It turns downtime into more than staring into the void and listening to one's own thoughts about that time life was a lot less boring.

Feeling good is addicting to nearly every human on the planet.

The entertainment industry generates billions because it makes people feel good. It's like we don't even care about the money. The more one throws it away, the better they feel.

Yet, if you asked someone today if they would be happier if they had more money in their bank account, many would say yes, I'd be happier.

Enter, Steem

The bringer of all things happy.

Hello there. Did you know you could get paid to be entertained?

I know. That sounds crazy and no, I'm not asking you to sit in this chair and be a part of a paid audience that claps or smiles on command as I attempt to sell this new vacuum that by definitionreally sucks.

What does the math look like these days?
10000 fists in the air.

Hundreds of millions spend billions on entertainment, annually.

The average consumer spends more than $100 annually on entertainment, that money is gone forever. $100 will give that consumer a vote worth roughly one cent, here, and about 770 Steem, today.

Say a content producer churns out 260 pieces in a year, working Monday to Friday.

Content producers ask for donations these days.

Someone sends them $100. Okay, fine, but now that money is gone.

If someone were to come here TODAY and spend approx. $100 on STEEM, allowing the content consumer to give the content producer a vote worth a penny each day(approx. 770 STEEM), the content producer earns $2.60 per year before deductions, from each consumer who spends $100.

If the content producer had 10000 followers willing to "donate" $100, that's a million, down the drain.

The content consumer will be asked to donate again, and might spend another $100. A few years later, another $100.

If the content producer had 10000 followers willing to buy enough STEEM for a vote worth a penny, that amounts to $26000 annually before deductions to the content producer. The content consumer does not need to spend another $100 to support that creator the next year. The 10000 followers willing to spend $100 can also support nine other content producers with that same initial investment of $100. 10 content producers, 10000 followers spending $100 each, that's $260000 annually.

Spend $100 to be able to donate $26 annually, for life. That is a great deal if supporting content producers is something you do with your money. The consumer also gets a return on that $100! The deal of the century, if supporting content producers is something you do with your money.

That's only 10000 people purchasing 7.7 million STEEM. Do I need to explain what happens to the numbers when one creates high demand for STEEM? Things like the fact, as the value of STEEM rises, that vote that was once worth a penny also rises, without the need to spend or "donate" more money.

I shared that little tidbit of information with you folks on July 6th, 2019.

"One million potentially in the door, quarter million potentially out the door. That's how you make money."

Many Facebook groups have more than 10000 members. Many Youtube channels have more than 10000 subscribers.

10000 consumers is nearly nothing in this industry, and just look at the potential of that small investment of $100. It's a fact, millions of people are willing to throw that $100 away. It's nothing to them.

There are plenty of premium services on the internet that provide content at a cost to the consumer. The consumer gets nothing in return. Those services provide quality but their business models can't compete with this business model here.

If only the consumers knew about this place...

Those billions.

The billions people are already willing to spend.

That's a market this Steem stuff needs to tap into.

The regular consumer. Your average Joe, who's already familiar with relaxing and pushing 'like' buttons, who's more than happy to spend, donate forever, take a few profits someday and maybe treat themselves to a night out. Rinse, and repeat.

Entertainment that pays for more entertainment.
And everyone's happy.
Somebody should probably call Joe.

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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