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From a slave to a master chapter # 61 - Celebrate your life

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A Memoir

The second feature that we, human beings, need to attain in order to enable the force of love to fully express itself, is the Celebration. We need to fete the moments of life, little and grand alike, that together form our living.

“To fete” means to full heartily accept each moment of the present while enjoying it the best we can.


Credit: Gabriele Galimberti

However, sometimes “celebrating life” is interpreted inappropriately.

If, for example, we chose to embark on the road that would lead us to Realization and hence decided to be patient until we would achieve realization, it doesn’t mean that from now on we should enclose ourselves behind the four walls of our home to never leave until, for example, prince-charming would knock on the door.

Actually, such an attitude would only further delay the arrival of TrueLove. When we are invited to a party it would be important to maintain an open mind and a flexible approach and to accept the offer despite the revulsion we feel towards parties as such. Going out and meeting people, as well as the dancing and the conversation with others – all these create a flow of energy that notifies the universe that we choose to be alive! Through this sense of exuberance and vitality, the force of love will express itself in due time.

If on the other hand, we remained at home, in front of the TV, crying over our miserable situation we would certainly miss the opportunity to experience the power behind the force of love.

Using such daily experiences the force of love directs us towards our TrueLove and prepares us for the golden opportunity. A guy who can’t enjoy the moments of a movie/trip/social encounter but rather preoccupies himself only with thoughts that revolves his business does not live in the now moment doesn’t celebrate the moment he experiences and hence impedes the natural flow of the force of love.


When I say ‘celebrate life’ I don’t mean to lose all restraints and get rowdy. If you recently broke up with a girl do not compensate yourself - or worse, avenge on your ex-girlfriend – by having sex with a different girl each night. The compensation phenomenon is often present in women who had gotten married at an early age and now after many years of unhappy marriage got a divorce.

Opening themselves now to the world makes them falsely think that they missed the feats of life. Then, as compensation for the seemingly lost years, they engage themselves in sexual uncontrolled behavior with many partners only to feel lively again.

Nevertheless, such a way of life cannot bring for the long run a TrueLove type of relationship and such women should be aware of that fact. These superficial usually one night relationships may indeed serve as a temporary therapeutic treatment but for the long run, they alter the frequencies of the body-mind in a way that blocks the higher levels of love, where TrueLove exists.

Life should and can be a feast even if one maintains high moral values or disobey allegedly social customs like the use of drugs and consumption of alcohol.

One really does not need to be famous clubbers who cover the town’s parties to feel alive. Rather, let the experiences effortlessly come to you and then make sure you fully enjoy the moment. You will then be sure that the specific experience was summoned to you by the force of love itself and therefore you will be sure of its appropriateness and its majestic attributes. That will help you to exercise your intuitive discretion to decide what would be the best way to fully exhaust that opportunity in order to celebrate life.


Living in the present and celebrating each moment of it will greatly change your thinking habits. You will cease contemplating the past or worrying about the future.

true, your problems will not disappear at once but you will be so busy with celebrating the minute moments of life that you will not have the time to ponder your past’s so-called mistakes. That blessed attitude will release thick layers of worries, concerns and purposeless thoughts that have so far concealed your existence from TrueLove and hence detached you from the abundant flow that stems out from it.

I cannot stress it enough – remain in the now moment, stop worrying about the future and as much as possible cast away any thought about relationships and your love life.


You may say: “but if I don’t take care of my love life, if I don’t search for a spouse, I would eventually be alone”; “if I don’t invest lots of thinking to repair my marriage I would eventually be divorced”. And I say – do make your choices but then remain in the moment and do not worry about the future. Then, you will witness the magical way by which TrueLove takes care of everything, and solves problems in a much better way than the human you could ever foresee.


Credit: Brooklyn-based artist Elizabeth Sweetheart


Check yourself

  • If you always reject invitations to enjoy life;
  • if you always busy with thoughts about the past and the future;
  • if you forget to celebrate your present moments;
  • if you insist that things would happen the way you want them to;
  • if you are not willing to relinquish your tight grip on reality;

then you block the force of love!

Man in his limited mind cannot understand the sophisticated types of machinery that establish and operate our world. The force of love, though, has the wisdom and the capacity to have a wide overlook of everything that exists in the multi-time space dimensions and accordingly to make, at lightning speed, the necessary calculations until the most appropriate solution can be presented. If we desire TrueLove but at the same time refuse to listen and follow the guidance of our master-self then all our efforts would be to no avail.

Any attempt to wrestle with the force of love and to dictate life to follow one specific certain course is doomed to fail. At first, it may seem that we control the situation, that people do listen to us and follow our orders, but sooner than later we would agnize that the seeming control was a big illusion.

This is why when a spouse is determined to bring a relationship to an end there is no need to battle his/her desire. For, that desire is a signal from the force of love that had examined the most intimate potentials of the two spouses, and according to their choices and their highest goods has brought the best circumstances.

The impulse to separate that is felt by one spouse is a gift. Once the separation is allowed, that is if one lets one's spouse go, one will do oneself only good and allow one's growth and close inspiration to raise one's frequency. Then, one of two can happen: Either the old spouse would return, readier and better for the new person one has turned to be, or another spouse that would beautifully tune to the new frequency would knock on one's door to love and remain. Whatever the case may be it's a win-win.

Your wisdom to initially allow the process to happen accompanied by the understanding that whatever happens serves your highest good, coupled with the magical close guidance from the force of love, with the full trust and self-reliance that you exercise, make you worthy citizens of the kingdom of love.



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