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Sleep is actually very healthy, it promotes productivity and as an entrepreneur you need to be productive. Sleep disorders are largely suffered by people who work from home because they have the freedom to work as many hours as they can. A sleep schedule is as important a s a work schedule.. A work schedule will help you balance your work and your life while a sleep schedule will help you maintain a healthy mental and physical life which will in turn promote your performance at work.

People who work for home have sleep troubles because

  • Working form home makes it difficult to separate their work life from personal life. Usually when you work in an office, coming home is like come back to your comfort zone. But that is not the case for a home worker, the stress of work is predominant at home and that continues till midnight.

  • Secondly, most people who work from home take lots of coffee to resist the urge of sleeping of. Even organisations have coffee that its workers take, but they are taken in the morning or early afternoon to push them through work. But for someone who work from home, they tend to take coffee all through the day and caffeine affects a person's sleeping habits.

  • Thirdly, people who work from home are free to sleep at odd hours, they can decide to sleep between work times for as long as they like, this makes it difficult to maintain a good sleep schedule.

Like i said earlier, a work schedule is as important to a sleep schedule. You can create a good sleep schedule with these simple steps.

  • Routines can be boring but it is very effective tool to start a successful disciplined life. So create a routine, this means having a specific sleep and wake time and be consistent with it everyday. The recommended hours of sleep is 7 to 9 hours every night. Create a routine that will enable you maximize that.

  • They say you are what you eat. Foods can affect our moods, so check what you eat. Avoid taking coffee all through the day, it is best taken in the mornings. Also don't eat close to your bed time.

  • Work on a routine that will help you separate your work life from your personal life, check here for how you can do that. This will enable you shut down and stop working at a specific time so that you don't work late nights..

Not having consistent sleep can make you feel grumpy and slow down your performance. So this simple steps can help get you started so that you can be productive.

If you have any other tips to share, kindly drop in the comment section.

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