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Viking Loot - Museum of Gothenburg


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Odin, father of all gods
Odin, the "all-father," the one-eyed parent of all Norse gods. Thor is just behind with his hammer

Between Oden and Christ in Göteborgs Stadsmuseum

This Viking exhibition features the only Viking ship in Sweden that is on display, intriguing statues of Norse gods, and an array of weaponry. The ship remains were far less exciting than the complete ships I saw in Oslo but the display was excellent and impactful. The statues of the gods immediately reminded me of my stepfather's chess set, a replica of the "Lewis chessmen." Thought to have been carved by Vikings in the 12th century, the ivory pieces were found in Scotland.

Äskekärrsskeppet - The remains of a Viking ship found by a farmer in Sweden

Chilling poetry that captures the Vikings at war Chilling poetry that captures the Vikings mentality at war (forgive the blur)

Viking Battle-axe
As noted, the stereotypical battle-axe actually came late in the Viking period and was more common in the west of Scandinavia

Viking swords
According to some sources, Viking swords were "hi-tech." The metal used borrowed from various cultures and technologies. The blades were flexible, light, and very strong. (sorry so blurry)


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