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The Streets and Roofs of Gothenburg


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Rental bikes along a street of Gothenburg Unrented rental bikes along a street of Gothenburg

Sweden's Western Walking City

Gothenburg is a great city for walking. It's city center is largely encircled by the Göta river and canals. Cobblestone-lined pedestrian streets cross the area in different directions. I couldn't help beginning my post on walking with a photo of bicycles. The bikes look sturdy with well-padded sets, great for riding on cobblestones, but I chose to walk. So did everybody else. Plenty of public transit options are available as well. This gallery mostly captures more mundane aspects of Gothenburg and gives a more real feel for the place.

Walking and shopping in Gothenburg Walking and shopping in Gothenburg

Traditional Swedish architecture
An outpost of more traditional Swedish architecture on the edge of the city center

Aseco building The Aseco AB transportation company building in the background. I thought this striking building was a hotel but they wouldn't let me stay.

Commercial area in Gothenburg A shopping mall, Swedish-style near many hotels and the transportation hub.

Church The roofline of the Gothenburg Cathedral at dusk.


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