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Swedish Architecture


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A Swedish windmill Yes! The Swedes have windmills, too. (Near Höganäs)

Country Buildings in Skåne County

While on outings around Mölle, Sweden, I was struck by the variety of building styles. I found many different kinds of architecture in the village, some on hikes on the Kulla Peninsula, and others on drives with British friends I met at the hotel.

Swedish house The house in the foreground combines modern Scandinavian styling with roof tiles and Viking roof decorations. The tower in the background reminds me of old master paintings.

Swedish thatched roof This otherwise average wooden house is made very special by a thatched roof sporting cross-pieces that echo Viking crossed decorations.

Swedish tea house A tea house with a lawn overlooking the sea. This wooden and stone building with a tiled roof and endless windows is all about the view.

Swedish apartments The towers and balconies on this apartment building are faintly middle eastern while the roof line and gables are pure northern European.

Thatched roof Another thatched roof on a much simpler building. Thatching is made from straw or other similar material and is found in many countries.

Hotel Kullaberg Present and Past

Hotel Kullaberg Another view of Hotel Kullaberg late in the day, with its many balconies and long gallery.

Hotel Kullaberg 1910 A similar view of the hotel from a hand-tinted photo postcard from 1910. It hasn't changed very much. Source

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Norway & Svalbard

All of the content is original and the photos were taken by me.

I was traveling light. These images were taken with a small Samsung point-and-shoot camera or smartphone!

Thank you!



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