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Sailing in Southern Sweden


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A sailboat entering Mölle harbor A tidy sloop motors past cottages and the Grand Hotel Mölle on the hill above

Boats and Sailors in Mölle

Boats in the harbor

It was good to be in a small harbor full of sailboats instead of the large commercial ports of Oslo orGothenburg. The sun seemed out to stay and brisk boat traffic gave the little port a lively feel. So many Danish sloops arrived that everyone had to get creative about mooring.

Visiting sailboats in Mölle harbor

I soon realized there were only a few places to eat in town. Besides my hotel and a two smaller places in the harbor, there was only the imposing Grand Hotel Mölle up on the hill. I reminded myself that I had chosen this place to write and relax. I had in mind to make some progress on my novel and make use of the research I had done in Svalbard. Writing would have to make way for photography in such a scenic place with such great light.

A Danish mermaid comes ashore in Sweden A Danish mermaid comes ashore in Sweden

Danish sailboats moored in Mölle

The Valkyrien The Valkyrien, a gaff-rigged ketch

The Valkyrien leaving port The Valkyrien leaving port under power and two red foresails

The Valkyrien at sea The Valkyrien silhouetted against a dark sea

Scandanavians silhouetted at dusk

The tiny balcony outside my room proved the perfect vantage point for shooting the harbor. I'm not a huge fan of sunsets but who was I to argue with this one?

The harbor at sunset The harbor at sunset

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Norway & Svalbard

All of the content is original and the photos were taken by me.

I was traveling light. These images were taken with a small Samsung point-and-shoot camera or smartphone!

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