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Cattle on the Kulla and Hogs Downtown - Sweden


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Highland cattle on the Kulla Peninsula, Sweden Scottish Highland cattle on the Kulla Peninsula

Hiking, Biking, Ranching, Writing and more - My last days in Mölle

Despite the attractions of the town, the sea, and beautiful hikes, I managed to write every day I stayed Mölle. It wasn't hard, considering my options were the lavish hotel study, pictured below, and my balcony over the harbor. I added 30 solid pages. 90 page down, 270 to go!

Novel writing in the Hotel Kullaberg study Novel writing in the Hotel Kullaberg study, overseen by the Raja and a battle fleet. Not bad . . .

Beyond the town lies the Kullaberg Nature Reserve on a peninsula that comes to a point on its tip. There is a large bay to the east and the Øresund, with Denmark beyond, to the west. The reserve offers leafy forest, ocean cliffs, pasture, and even a golf course.

A verdant nature reserve trail A green and shady trail in the Kullaberg Nature Reserve

On the very point of the headland is Kullen Lighthouse (Kullens fyr). The lighthouse, said to the be the most powerful in Scandinavia, is operational, and serves as an important navigational aid for the heavy sea traffic in the vicinity. It is also the site of the oldest lighthouse in Scandinavia. The 16-century light was provided by fire held aloft in an iron cage. (see below)

Kullen Lighthouse

An intriguing part of the lighthouse complex. An intriguing part of the lighthouse complex that looks like a bunker with a breakfast nook inside. Great view, though.

Parrot Lighthouse
A replica of the original parrot lighthouse, which was basically an elevated fire

Sailboat Rocks frame a boat sailing past the peninsula

I returned to town from my hike, guided by the blue and gold Swedish flag over the harbor. The quiet streets had been taken over by a motorcycle gang! Well, a club. Coming from Arizona, I was used to seeing Hell's Angels and Mongols vests on bikers. This club was more like most American Harley riders, today. Lawyers, doctors, dentists, and real estate developers taking their hogs out for weekend rides.

Swedish flag

Swedish motorcycle club Hogs downtown: The harbor square in Mölle filled with well-heeled bikers

Adventuremobile In the wake of the Harleys came other kinds of adventure-seekers, undeterred by their tiny car

Alas, my dreamy time at the Kullaberg was drawing to a close. Although a quiet corner of Sweden, I was occupied when I wanted to be and otherwise remembered the simple joys of after dinner walks and gazing at the sea. My English friends offered to take me on a driving tour in the morning and drop me at the train station in Helsingborg. I thanked the hotel director who had been a fantastic host. I really enjoyed meeting Tomas, who had once been a Swedish rockstar touring Europe. He's a great guy and fun conversationalist. I packed and took in the night view of the town one last time.

The author and Hotel Kullaberg director Tomas The author and Hotel Kullaberg director Tomas

Mölle at night The sun has set on my time in Mölle

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