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My Introduction to Hive and BDCommunity.


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Hello, everyone! I hope you’re doing fine in this pandemic!

I want to introduce myself to you guys, to all of the people of Hive and BDCommunity and i want to do it before getting erased from planet Earth!.If the events arround us keep happening, i reckon that might be even sooner. As a blogger and a reader, it’s both a privilege and opportunity for me to join this platform. To tell you guys about myself, I am the type of guy who loves to smile and also tries to act like a stand-up comedian in front of friends and family to make them happy.


Yeah you are right that’s me

So, here I am! Ask you to wait back a little longer to read about me! I am Lalin Azad Nirupom. An undergraduate student of the Department of Public Administration in Bangladesh University of Professionals. Besides formal learning, I love to learn and see day to day activities standing alone on over the bridge. Street lights and the people moving are carrying thousands of stories with them. I usually try to capture those stories and write them down in my notebook.


My diary

I am a bike lover too. I love to ride with my friends. Sometimes when I need space from everything I go out with my bike and explore. It’s like a red horse to me, believing that it listens to my heart sound and reflects within itself. As you see I try to find life in each and everything and that Is the very nature of myself.


Things always don’t go well in my life some times. There was a time when I turned out to be a mental as well as a physical patient. In that period, I was leading an unhygienic life, to be honest, a disrespectful person to everyone. But at that moment a friend of mine came into my life like an angel. I told him everything about how I hate myself. He heard and smiled, told me to join a gym. A line that even now sometimes gets whispered into my ears

“exercise and believe in yourself, the best version of yourself is yet to come “

I started to love exercise, going through thousands of articles and spending thousands of hours watching workout videos. after one and a half years I started to see the visible result and I started appreciating myself. From this journey forward, I turned out to be a hardworking person.



On these quarantine days I added two different practices to my list one is practicing guitar every day, starts to find out that melody is the universal language. Every species around this planet have their own melody as well as own melody language. It’s just a philosophical assumption of mine that the language we use for every day activity no matter which language we speak to, it’s a kind of melody. Different species have their own. If we practice, we can understand other species' languages too. It’s just an assumption from myself, don’t take it seriously. The second thing I am practicing regularly is taking photographs. To illustrate my practice, my point of view is we capture to remember, remember the special moment, thinking to be blissful again. I put some of my photography to you


Before sunset




A rainy evening


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