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OBS Studio - Serbian (Cyrillic and Latin) Translation + New Strings Added (Approximately 1384 words)


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OBS Studio (formerly known as 'OBS Multiplatform') is an open source program that lets users composite video sources together into a single video stream and transmit it via RTMP or record it locally. It is a ground-up rewrite of Open Broadcaster Software, adding cross-platform support, expanded plugin functionality, more comprehensive output options, and an advanced "Studio" UI for more sophisticated video production

Contribution Specifications

Translation Overview

I finished this project couple of months ago, but in a meanwhile, manager of the project contacted me because they are planing to release new version soon and they have added some new strings.

They urgently needed a new translation and as I'm trying to do my part of the job as a professional, I stopped my current project and immediately went to help and started my work on OBS.

Because some of the strings were already translated in Serbian a few years ago, I took my time to go through the old translation and to fix some errors or just improve it, if it's possible.

I found some mistakes and provided more appropriate translation for some strings. For example, you can see the case below:


The old translation had misinterpreted word 'load' as 'send', so I just improved it to better fit Serbian language.

Translating articles in Serbian language is specific, because we have two equally accepted letters - Latin and Cyrillic. I finished this in both letters.

In total, I provided translation for approximately 1384 words this time.

I was careful and I haven't had any difficulties.


The original text is written in English and my task is to translate it in Serbian (Cyrillic and Latin), which is my native language.

Proof of Authorship

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