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Back to the Studio but First, "Lemme Tekka Selfie..."


2 months ago2 min read


Alright, why not? Jumping on this selfie bandwagon after seeing my news feed full of wonderful faces, sorry for what you're about to see! I really #dontknowhowtoselfie...


And would you believe it, my back is to the music studio, literally... HILARIOUS!

I EVEN had a shower and believe it or not... shaved for this very momentous occasion after a hike earlier. I did put aftershave on and although I realise you probably can't smell it, just letting you know I have a wonderful fragrance about me now (for once, it's not bullshit... OK maybe a hint of that 😂) - so you could argue there's a "bit of filtering" on this selfie!

Favourite Selfie?

Has to be this one I took in New Zealand on a hike across Mount Somers and it features on the home page of my website! Yes, I had just crossed that bridge when I took it and I haven't blogged about that travel adventure yet... but wow, that was a scary but awesome moment there 😜


Magic Filter?

Thanks to @tygertyger's artistic talent and filter skills, this is how it actually looked in my mind (I didn't have any Tango that day either!):


No Filter?

And here's what I look like without any filter at all:


Skinny guy joke there

Ok, that's enough with the selfies, back to the studio... well... front to the studio... ah you know what I mean!!

Have fun!


P.S. it was actually this very day last year when that Mount Somers selfie was taken... what the... time flies hey! Here's the post


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