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Pros from EDC Blockchain: Coin Designer and Leasing


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Non-profit sphere along with financial structures occupies an important place in the life of every country.

However, many blockchain platforms do not pay close attention to it. Only some of them cover medicine, education, but with regard to charity and the work of non-profit organizations, it is extremely rare to find such projects.

And this is a huge unreached niche of the life of many people. And given the fact that the world has long been using blockchain, its application in this social sphere becomes relevant.

Only some non-profit organizations, for example, Greenpeace and Save the children, realizing the reliability of using these technologies, began to use digital wallets. But this is a drop in the ocean.

But the creators of the EDC Blockchain project decided to change everything fundamentally by offering large-scale blockchain solutions for non-commercial use around the world.
Recently, many crypto users have started talking about the international EDC Blockchain platform.

Although this project appeared in 2015, it was only by 2019 that it became clear that it had gained momentum and began to actively develop. And recent rebranding and new ideas from developers have taken the platform to a new level.

At the same time, the focus on old products did not disappear, they were also finalized. And this in turn raised the position of EDC Blockchain in the ranking of international cryptocurrencies.

But among the entire mass of useful platform products, some were especially liked by users. They were the main advantages, because of which the influx of people in the EDC Blockchain increased many times over.

Therefore, it is worth taking a look at these advantages and find out what is so special about them.

The main advantages of EDC Blockchain

EDC Blockchain is a multi-functional blockchain system aimed at creating a convenient business environment for working as a simple layman and various companies.

You can learn all the advantages of the platform by reading the information on the official website:

But among them it is especially worth highlighting a certain list. Therefore, the main advantages of the EDC Blockchain are:

Global audience reach in 57 states;

The ability to work on the platform as a simple user, non-profit organizations, and any business companies;

Multitasking and work with a huge amount of information;

High-speed transaction processing (100 thousand per second) and the convenience of any financial transaction;

Possibility of own release of tokens and their management;

Ready-made blockchain solutions for various businesses, both small and large;

Marketing support and business development;

Having your own wallet with leasing function.

Among all these advantages, the most important ones are the issue of own tokens and leasing. They are most interested in users, from small to large. We will analyze them.

Issue of tokens using a special constructor
Any aspiring entrepreneur wants to create his own popular project. But how much time and energy it takes to spend. And without the absence of any support, it is very difficult to do.

As for large corporations, in spite of the resources it is often difficult for them to debug interaction between customers, to set up complex logistics and trading processes.

So all these difficulties are easily solved with the EDC blockchain platform. Here you can not only create your own currency for mutual settlements with counterparties, but also build a successful business with full system support.

At the same time, it will not be necessary to perform difficult operations, but a few clicks are enough to make it work. The only thing that you have to use a special coin designer and choose one of the presented tariffs.

What tariff packages are available for users on the EDC Blockchain platform? And they are as follows:

The easiest rate is Basic. It is possible to issue your own token with a description. The price for it is one thousand EDC;

The average rate is Plus. Everything is the same as with the first tariff, plus emission and regulation of the pre-mine date. The price for it is ten thousand EDC;

The most interesting tariff is Premium. On this package, users have the widest possibilities: setting up necessary personal functions, marketing, and listing on exchanges. The cost of the tariff is the highest and is equal to five hundred thousand EDC.

The only thing that is not available in the package is mining. Mining withdrawn separately. It is thanks to him that a listing of coins is possible. We’ll learn more about him.

Listing coins on the EDC Blockchain platform

On the platform, users can use a convenient wallet, by the way it is multi-currency. So, listing functionality is included in it.

This functionality is also associated with mining. How? And such that each coin holder has a masternode - a special place where you can give coins on lease.

And if the user has extra money and doesn’t want it to just hang on the balance sheet, but generate income, then he transfers them to this pool.

In the masternode, other users will mine the coin, and the user who leases it will be able to make a profit.
In addition to profit, the advantages of this product will be such things as:

Unhindered withdrawal of funds;
Daily income accrual;
Choice of tariffs for leasing - the higher the selected period, the higher the funds received accordingly.
Details at the link:

Agree it is very beneficial to use leasing! On other platforms you will not find this.!


Basic information about the platform and functionality of the EDC Blockchain:
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