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6 new Battleships


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The past seven months have been exhausting for the team. Despite coffee and donuts. We took a small break to recharge our batteries. We'd like to emphasize again, that we are working on NextColony alongside our jobs. Therefore, we ask for a little indulgence. We don't go away. No chance. We stick to Steem like glue and we'll expand NextColony step by step.

Today a further step is being taken. That's why you get a nice and smooth update today. Okay, let's go...

6 new battleships

The update includes 6 new battleships. These are smaller battleships than the Corvette. These ships are slow ships with low capacity, low defense and bullet or rocket armed. In huge swarms these ships can be a real danger.

  • Scout Sentry (bullet)
  • Scout Athene (rocket)
  • Patrol Amaterasu (bullet)
  • Patrol Hermes (rocket)
  • Cutter Arrow (bullet)
  • Cutter Cancard (rocket)

These battleships can be built very quickly and the construction costs are extremely low. Therefore these ships are especially suitable for the first weeks and new players. They are also a further support for the defensive, as you can get to these ships relatively quickly and easily.

This update also contains several bug fixes and small optimizations such as exploration directly in the galaxy. Also the limitation of 100 planets per user has been canceled in the frontend, and the list of attack targets (mission attack) has been extended and is now also on account level.

The final name of wonder/rewards is Yamato and there is our focus. We've changed the concept several times now, because we weren't satisfied with it yet. It's quite an extensive update. Maybe the biggest update so far.

If you have any questions, join the official Discord server or use the comments below.

Stay tuned.


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