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Mian Colony Project Updates!


6 months ago2 min read

The New Town management and construction plan is gonna stating and they are giving come first get first offers also they are selling 272 sq-ft area at a cost of 4000$ at this time and they will do some several arrangement for the Colony and they will give comfortable environment to the resident also !


  • What they are promising that they will construct all the Roads and they will never charge extra for that Development As i am believing they are advertising that on the local channel also that they will offer first come get first offer.

  • They will not allow any discount there but the place they are locating is the most attractive part of the city and the most secure one!

They will have their own security ,Parks , Shops, hotels, restaurants, Hospital so if they are giving such a nice location and facilities why they are not deserving to get more buys and orders in advance i believe that will be the ever first project every one has seen on Mardan Road chd . I like to have the first announcement on the internet about this project.

  • When the management will show you the commercial Plot you will have to investigate first and then they will give you the original stamp papers with the ownership when you pay them all the m one they want for the plot according to the area covered that is the nice way to make a deal in colony project of CHD.


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