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My AFC Title Game Prediction


7 months agoSteemit

I’m not a Patriots fan, yet I always give them the respect that they are due. They have been so good for so long that thier run is unprecedented in NFL history. Having said that I think that the Chiefs will win easily this weekend.

Andy Reid is a great offensive coach who has had some success against Belichick. I think that the fact that the game is in Kansas City is huge for Mahomes confidence. The offensive weapons that KC has are so difficult to match up with. The Patriots always have great preparation, but I think that thier relative lack of defensive playmakers will prove to be a glaring weakness.

The fact that it is outdoors and cold may be to Brady’s benefit, but the Chiefs put up huge offensive numbers in cold weather just last week. I know that it’s foolish to count out the Patriots, but the KC firepower will be too mush to overcome. I think (hope) that KC will win 38-17 in a blowout. Having said that, a Pats win would not be at all surprising.

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