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Another Reason Why Steem World is So Great!


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The falling price of Steem has continued to put pressure on the great Steemian and develop @steemchiller as the costs to maintain servers for his projects continue to rise in terms of Steem despite getting the advantage of overall lower costs due to MIRA. However, the community continues to recognize the great service provided in his work (as do I) and continue to ensure that his periodic posts are getting more than enough attention and rewards to improve this situation. In the end, we will all benefit for the great work being done on Steem World.

While I am always the first to admit that without Steem World, I would be lost in this journey of mine, I have also continued to learn of even more things that we can do with Steem World as @steemchiller continues to add features! I am working on yet another experiment related to Splinterlands (details soon) and decided to try to initiate a couple of my needs using Steem World. It was amazing how effortlessly I was able to complete transaction there. It all starts with how the site has now integrated the Keychain as we can now sign our transactions effortlessly without really exposing our private keys!

After using an alternative method for months since Hard Fork 20, I have continued to claim free Steem account tokens with my available Resource Credits. While I still have no idea what I will use them for, I am happy to have them ready for the FOMO into Steem in the future. I originally had a plan to have one token for every Facebook friend so I can make an Epic #deletefacebook post and invite them all here. However, I have gotten past the limited amount of families and friend there and still think we are not ready for that opportunity. A couple of weeks ago, I found out that now claiming these accounts are even easier with Steem World so started to use it instead!


With a couple of clicks I am able to claim an account almost every day now given my Resource Credit balance. Doing this without having a negative impact to my own experience is great and I can only look forward to how I can use these tokens to help onboard and create value in the future. Given the experiment I was running this weekend, I also decided to take this process one step further and actually create an account using Steem World. I could not believe how simple it was to do!


After generating a Master Password which the site helps to do, I quickly found a name (soon I will disclose) not used and created a brand new Steem account! It also provided me all my keys immediately with no wait at all. No costs involved except using one of the tokens I had been accumulating using my Resource Credits! This certainly provided me with some much needed encouragement on the potential that remains here for the ecosystem. I can definitely see how projects and communities can really integrate into the process to provide the resources needed to attract new users.

The experience with Steem World didn't stop there as Resource Credits are needed for new accounts to transact. Therefore, I even used the site to delegate some Steem Power directly to the new account to enable it to go on with the experiment! Another improvement from prior experiences that I have had. While discovering these features, I also found that even Steem Engine assets and token have been incorporated into the Steem World site! Definitely a great idea as I have been putting off organizing that wallet given the rapid pace of change that continues there!

I know the site will continue to develop which is why our support for @steemchiller is absolutely necessary. He will be turning on his witness soon so that will be the ultimate way to support him as it will further allow him to develop for our blockchain and ecosystem. By the way, we can even use Steem World to vote for witnesses so make sure he definitely gets that vote when ready; I know he will have mine!

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