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A Reference Guide for New Users (Spanish Included)


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I have now been dedicating time every week towards curation of new users and their #introduceyourself posts for a couple of months now. While I have not seen a major impact of my information being deployed to these users, I believe it is better to put it there for reference as some could benefit from onboarding with relatively quick education as they start their journey in the ever evolving ecosystem. My intent here is not to reinvent the wheel as many Steemians have always contributed so much to assist new users onboard and many others are still developing and building projects surrounding this effort as well; instead, my thought is to provide a quick reference guide to great content I have seen along my journey to assist in the onboarding process. This is in response to some feedback that my comment being left in the curation efforts was too long. I agree as it also competed with the many other comments typically left to new users on their first post. This is my effort to prepare a reference guide until projects like @steemonboarding and Steem Saavy gain traction in the coming months.



Welcome to Steem! You have taken the first step in achieving many goals here at the crossroads of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and social media. Consistent engagement is needed to progress and grow your following and influence. I believe that we find ourselves in a pivotal moment for our ecosystem to evolve into a center of engagement that provides its users with great information and perspective to share experiences around the world with others seeking a place to interact with each other. Communities are being built around the ecosystem which will assist in your journey to this social experiment. There are a number of content creators and communities that have done a great job in educating new users regarding important considerations in your journey forward. Please consider investing time and effort in reviewing these references to help in your onboarding process.

A great post by @roleerob is a great one to get off to a great start here on the ecosystem as it is a well-rounded source of information for education. Another one for new users is a post from @finnian who not only includes a great step-by-step process of registering for #Steemit but also provides great security and engagement tips as well to help you on your journey. Another great user creating content for new Steemians is @paulag who is creating community backed video series on learning to navigate STEEM. There are also sources of information and help outside the ecosystem as we continue to look for opportunities to attract new users. A great example of another source for great information about the Steem ecosystem is Steem Saavy which is led by @jongolson and his great community. He also creates weekly content here on the platform to assist new users with the latest information from the platform which is important as we are constantly evolving in the efforts to grow globally.

As you decide how to engage on the platform, there are a number of decentralized applications or Dapps that can be used to interface with the blockchain directly other that For example, additional web-based interfaces to consider are and @steempeak which offer attractive features to interact with the various communities around the ecosystem. For your mobile needs, I have enjoyed the use the @partiko mobile app available for both Android and iOS. The are also offering delegation of Steem Power for downloading and using the app. You can sign up for the app using my referral link. The communities surrounding these interfaces are growing fast as they are providing great ways to engage on the blockchain.

The #STEEM ecosystem continues to grow with the addition and development of many Dapps that are providing great ways to engage in the ecosystem. A great place to view some of these Dapps is the web site from @stateofthedapps which have a ranking of the top Dapps on the blockchain. Some of these projects provide you the ability to interact and engage within the community and have the potential to provide rewards for your engagement. For example, @actifit is a fitness app that tracks your daily activity which you can post to the blockchain and earn rewards for your participation. Another interesting project is @steemmonsters which is a digital trading card game that enables you to collect and battle with the community all within the #STEEM ecosystem.

I wish you the best in your future endeavors!


While this is not totally new for the efforts I have been doing with these new users, I want to add that I have begun to consider expanding my reach in the ecosystem as I realize how global it is becoming. I am now seeing how common it is to experience new Steemians introducing themselves here from Spanish speaking countries. Therefore, I want to leverage my knowledge of the language to offer these onboarding tips for them to take advantage of as well. I will try my best to provide the same message in Spanish, with the help of online services, for the benefit of these new users.



¡Bienvenido a Steem! Ha dado el primer paso para lograr muchos objetivos aquí en la encrucijada de las criptomonedas, el blockchain y las redes sociales. Se necesita un compromiso constante para progresar y aumentar tu seguimiento e influencia. Creo que nos encontramos en un momento crucial para que nuestro ecosistema evolucione hacia un centro de participación que brinde a sus usuarios una gran información y perspectiva para compartir experiencias en todo el mundo con otros que buscan un lugar para interactuar entre sí. Se están construyendo comunidades alrededor del ecosistema que lo ayudarán en su viaje a este experimento social. Hay una serie de creadores de contenido y comunidades que han hecho un gran trabajo en educar a los nuevos usuarios con respecto a consideraciones importantes en su viaje hacia adelante. Considere invertir tiempo y esfuerzo en revisar estas referencias para ayudarlo en su proceso de incorporación.

Un gran post por @roleerob es una excelente manera de comenzar bien el ecosistema ya que es una fuente completa de información para la educación. Otro para usuarios nuevos es un post de @finnian que no solo incluye un un gran proceso paso a paso para registrarse en #Steemit, pero también brinda excelentes consejos de seguridad y participación, así como para ayudarlo en su viaje. Otro gran usuario que crea contenido para los nuevos Steemians es @paulag, que está creando una serie de videos respaldadas por la comunidad en aprender a navegar STEEM. También hay fuentes de información y ayuda fuera del ecosistema a medida que continuamos buscando oportunidades para atraer nuevos usuarios. Un gran ejemplo de otra fuente de gran información sobre el ecosistema Steem es Steem Saavy que está dirigido por @jongolson y su gran comunidad. También crea contenido semanal aquí en la plataforma para ayudar a los nuevos usuarios con la información más reciente de la plataforma, que es importante ya que estamos en constante evolución en los esfuerzos para crecer a nivel mundial.

A medida que decida cómo participar en la plataforma, hay una serie de aplicaciones descentralizadas o Dapps que se pueden usar para interactuar con el ecosistema en adición a Por ejemplo, las interfaces adicionales basadas en la web a considerar son y @steempeak que ofrecen características atractivas para interactuar con las diversas comunidades alrededor del ecosistema. Para sus necesidades móviles, he disfrutado del uso de la aplicación móvil @partiko disponible tanto para Android como para iOS. También están ofreciendo delegación de Steem Power para descargar y utilizar la aplicación . Puede registrarse en la aplicación usando mi enlace de referencia. Las comunidades que rodean estas interfaces están creciendo rápidamente, ya que proporcionan excelentes maneras de participar en el ecosistema.

El ecosistema #STEEM continúa creciendo con la adición y el desarrollo de muchos Dapps que brindan excelentes maneras de involucrarse en el ecosistema. Un gran lugar para ver algunos de estos Dapps es el sitio web de @stateofthedapps que tiene una clasificación de los mejores Dapps en la plataforma. Algunos de estos proyectos le brindan la capacidad de interactuar y participar dentro de la comunidad y tienen el potencial de proporcionar recompensas por su compromiso. Por ejemplo, @actifit es una aplicación de ejercicios que rastrea su actividad diaria que puede publicar en la cadena de bloques y obtener recompensas por su participación. Otro proyecto interesante es @steemmonsters, que es un juego de cartas comerciales digitales que te permite recopilar y luchar con la comunidad, todo dentro del ecosistema #STEEM.

¡Te deseo lo mejor en tus futuros proyectos!


My original thought was to continue to evolve this post accordingly but I think the amount of evolution and change we are experiencing will not make it possible. In addition, the initiatives of projects and communities focused to lead the effort of onboarding users will take a more active approach in the future which will ultimately make this one obsolete. However, I intend to continue my weekly efforts of curating new users to assist them in this process until we see the improvements and effectiveness of these other initiatives. As usual, any feedback or recommendations to this is welcomed and appreciated!

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