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Need Support For Proposal To Create Steem.StackExchange.Com


6 months agoSteemit2 min read

Need Support For Proposal To Create Steem.StackExchange.Com

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If you are a programmer (or just an inquisitive person regarding technology), you have likely heard of StackExchange, StackOverflow, etc. These are Q&A websites with a HUGE following that all interconnect with each other to enable users to ask questions and get answers from community experts.

Here on Steem, we have a couple Q&A type applications in play, however, we do not have an official StackExchange sub-community. Having such a community will enable users across the internet the ability to more readily locate information regarding frequently asked Steem questions. Part of the reason for this is because StackExchange already has a massive supporting community that are fluent in all programming languages.

I personally believe having will help spread the Steem name as well as let people have a first hand look into active development and how easy it can be on Steem.

I need your help...

StackExchange offers communities the ability to create a sub-community on StackExchange if the proposal is met with enough support. I have created a proposal for Steem that can be located here. Simply click the link, log in (or signup) to your account and vote up on the proposal.

After the proposal receives a sufficient number of votes supporting it, StackExchange will create a sub-community website that users can start interacting with right away.

Again, StackExchange is immensely successful and well-known throughout the world of programmers. If we can get a sub-community on StackExchange, users will find Steem related content on Google and other search engines more easily.

Visit this link to vote for Steem

If you have any questions let me know and I will do my best to help answer them.

Visit this link to vote for Steem


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