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If You Aren't On Steempeak Already, You Should Be!


6 months ago3 min read


Natural Medicine has been a big fan of Steempeak for a long time. All our posts are drafted in there, and we love the beneficiary function that helps us support our curators as well as donate to those who need it. Now, Steempeak have really made us go all weak at the knees (what's a natural remedy for that?) by including us in the Curator section under the Explore tab. How cool is that?

That means anyone exploring in Steempeak can find YOUR posts when they are resteemed by us! More exposure for you - AND it's super easy to see what we've been supporting through resteems.

Click on Explore, then Favourite Curators and you'll see us under 'Health'. Click to see all our great Natural Medicine & Mindful Life posts! You can also click the star, so we will appear under your 'favourite curators' list.


Another way to do that is just click here and bookmark that page so you can easily connect to other like-minded people posting on Natural Medicines. Through community, we grow!

Steempeak also makes it really easy for various curators to go in and draft and schedule posts with the posting key. I can draft a post, and ask someone to go in and make changes really easily.

They've also made it easy to see tokens and connect to the Steem Engine wallet (did you know that Natural Medicine stakes PAL, and thus rewards #naturalmedicine #palnet posts too?).

We often advise people to use Steempeak in the Natural Medicine Discord - it's far more efficient, intuitive and user friendly than Steemit itself. We're super grateful for the hard work the team put into Steempeak - we're setting them as part beneficiary for this post, and if you've benefitted from their front end at all, we suggest that you might donate a little to them too when you're feeling in the mood!

We hope this post has been enough of a push to finally try Steempeak, if you're not using it already!

Have a beautiful day, whereever you are in the world.

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