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EARTH HEALING CURATION #14: Tree Huggers, Crystals, Eco-Community, Clean Planet & More


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Earth Healing is a weekly curation of posts from the Hive blockchain which center around the healing of Mother Earth; we specifically encourage and reward posts which promote natural harmony, rejuvenation projects and sustainable living. Natural Medicine for Mother Earth ranges from simple appreciation of her diversity & beauty, through to practical posts encouraging a new relationship with organic gardens, food and lifestyles.

Each week one post author will be chosen as a post beneficiary.

Earth Healing is particularly grateful to @naturalmedicine and @abundancetribe for generous delegations, practical support and leadership, and is curated each week by @artemislives.

We, who have been the scourge of Mother Earth and the cause of so much of her sickness, are invited to engage and contribute to her health and recovery.



Plastic Free July?

Apparently the best time to start Plastic Free July is in June. So you can plan and assess what you were going to struggle with and seek out alternatives to help you have a plastic free month. Read more


What Do We Want?

Do we always have to fight against something instead of fighting for something? How do we prevent what we want from being co-opted and labeled as the problem? Wanting freedom doesnโ€™t mean someone is selfish. Wanting to work together doesnโ€™t mean your individuality will be destroyed. Read more...


The first "call to action" film is complete: feedback please
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If you watch nothing else this week, make it this! A new eco-community centered in the Pyrenees Mountains in France. Inspiring next-level, organic, crypto-powered community. Are you ready? The global network of eco-communities is growing! Earth Healing starts here - with different choices about housing, energy, education and how we grow our food. Read more...


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Ever thought of joining @cleanplanet in their very cool, global initiative to clean up & remove trash BEFORE it destroys our wildlife and waterways and leeches its chemicals into Mother Earth? Can't think of a Hive post for the day? Go and make a #cleanplanet video, do some GOOD for the environment and be rewarded for it. Read more...


Fact or Fiction: EPA Approves Permit for GMO Mosquitoes in Florida and Texas

Is releasing a GMO mosquito a smart way forward? To redress an imbalance in a world being overwhelmed by mosquito borne disease? Or is it a death sentence for important pollinators like birds and bats, who feed on mosquitoes? Read more...


Healing Jade
JadeBall 2.jpg

Are you aware of the incredible human cost, and environmental destruction, behind the global fascination with crystal healing?? Do you own jade or use it for healing? Earth Healing starts when we recognize our role in the destruction and make different choices. Read more...


Story of a Tree

True Earth Healing starts in the recognition that trees-nature-animals are all sentient beings and that humankind is just one more variable in the incredible cosmic web of life. Tree Huggers have it right, recognizing the beauty and wisdom of these regal Beings and treating them as friends. Read more...


This week, and every week, we make one person who is curated above a 5 percent beneficiary on this post. It DOES have to be a @naturalmedicine delegator, so this week, I'm choosing @samstonehill - we love his passionate, crypto-powered deselecting, community-building self & want to show our appreciation.

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Earn Instantly For Writing About Environmental Issues

Natural Medicine supports all things natural health, including the health of our extraordinary planet. We also support writers sharing about herbalism, TCM, yoga, meditation, vegan and other healthy diets, as well as earth centred practices such as foraging, permaculture and biodynamics.

You can sign up for an account here on PeakD, or contact us on [email protected] Alternatively, drop in to Discord below.

For more potential rewards, trying posting from our community and use the tag #naturalmedicine with your #environment posts.

Please consider delegating to help keep this collective going. For any questions, come ask in our friendly Discord here !



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