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2Kings 6:20; So it was, when they had come to Samaria, that Elisha said, “Lord, open the eyes of these men, that they may see.” And The LORD opened their eyes, and they saw; and there they were, inside Samaria!”


Many see the world of the spiritual as a another life that is not be a ventured, a supernatural mystery that is for the enigmatic and the highly spiritually gifted because of this the prefer ro leave it out of their life. The go around their daily routine without even considering the spiritual aspects of their life however the truth of the matter is that the spiritual is part of our life it has always been and ots not going to change. Things that happen in the physical has already happened in the spiritual, the physical is only a manifestation of things in the spiritual. Your soul is not physical neither is your spirit so yes this conclude you are a physical being.


Our spiritual senses are sharp and well working when we are babies and infants then it starts to become vestigial as we grow up, why? Because we do not use them, according to scienctific evolution any organ that is not used shrinks up and becomes useless overtime. This is what happens to our spiritual senses, but is not dead, we just need to rekindle it and the best way to do this is by seeking out God that the Holy Spirit may unlock the door ways that may be closed and help faciliate the whole process as he has come to help us in these things and strengthen our Christian faith. So on this glorious Sunday, i would like us to keep in mind that, the spiritual is already a part of us, we just need to start using our senses and enjoy the reality of our elevation. Have a wonderful Day



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