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Virginia State Senator: MI6 is planning False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria


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Virginia State Senator Richard Black has claimed UK intelligence was planning a chemical attack in Syria, which they would then blame on the Syrian government. Many researchers in the independent media have pointed out that Syria has been falsely accused in false flag chemical attacks against their own citizens.

State Senator Richard Black in April of 2018
actually presented his case that the chemical attacks in Syria were false flag events on the Senate floor at the Virginia State Capital. Prior to that, the Senator actually went to Syria and sat down with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and had a two hour meeting.

It is not entirely clear that there was an attack,” Sen. Richard H. Black (R-Loudoun) said in a 20-minute speech on the floor of Virginia Senate on Wednesday. “There was a doctor, from the hospital — from the main hospital in Douma — who has said, ‘We haven’t received any casualties. Nobody has been sent in.’ ”


Senator Richard Black is back in the news for having a second meeting on September 5, 2018 with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This time the Senator is saying that MI6, British Intelligence is planning a false flag chemical attack on Syria and blaming it on Assad as a pretext for military action.

Before the battle of Idlib in Syria took place, The Russian Government came out publicly and warned the world that a false flag chemical attack was being orchestrated for the battle of Idlib and warned the West not to attack Syria for a crime that was perpetrated by Syrian Rebels, and the White Helmets.


Most people in the Alternative Media and Truth Researchers are well aware of not only False Flag chemical attacks in Syria, but the fact that ISIS is funded by the U S. Taxpayers, through the CIA, with support by politicians like John McCain ( now deceased). ISIS is nothing more than a proxy army for NATO to destabilize the region and to rack up Trillions in Profit for Defense Contractors. What is news worthy is a real American Patriot on the Senate Floor of the State of Virginia, came out in defense of the truth. That makes State Senator Richard Black exceptional, in a world of Deep State Liars and Theives, Senator Black proves that their are good people fighting in the trenches for real American principals, Truth, Freedom, and Liberty.

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