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What is more important for good health... emotions, diet, exercise, positive thinking, or something else? #ECOTRAIN QOTW


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This week QOTW from #EcoTrain is something that really makes me feel good writing on - "What is more important for good health... emotions, diet, exercise, positive thinking, or something else?"

Everyone is invited to write on this topic and I am sure each one has their own formula for good health.
Are you someone who is always fit and healthy, never gets a cold, or do you always have something 'bugging you excuse the pun ;-) ... In your own experience what do you do to stay healthy, or what have you discovered works best? Maybe you grab some high potency vitamin C pills at the first sign of a cold, or perhaps you dig up some goji berries instead. Maybe you wont touch antibiotics and look instead to natural remedies to stay on top of things? Do you work out daily, with a strong set of cardio and stretches, or perhaps you look to yoga to keep in top form.. OR could it be that you meditate, chant, and use positive affirmations to keep your mind positive and strong.

So What is your formula? Do share it with us;

Coming back to my own response on the queston
Well let me first ask a question
Can I live only on Fresh Air and no Food, Or the other way around......The answer is obviously NO

Everything is so interconnected in nature and no one thing in particular likewise defines my good health or I can say optimal health.

An optimal health is an amalgamation of healthy mental, emotional and physical body and not just the physical health.
When there is no dichotomy in all of these 3 health levels then one experiences the level of optimal health.
Thankfully I can say that I must be at a 95% level of good health, as of now I can say 100% also and this stage has come over a period of time.


I am compete NO NO for Allopathy medicines. Even if I am in extreme pain, I will let it pass but not get onto meds unless it is a desperate situation.
Let me share some of my health tips that I follow through out the day.

  • I start my day with a glass of warm water with apple cider vinegar and some lime added to it. - ACV has antibacterial and antifungal properties, lowers cholesterol, relives acid re-flux, maintains healthy blood sugar levels and helps in the detox process. And then there are loads of other benefits to it.
  • Lately I have started with a glass of Celery juice which I normally consume after an hour - This one is a rich source of Vitamin C, K, Folate and Potassium and also very good for reducing inflammation in the body.
  • Later in the day then follows my Meditation and Yoga - It does wonders for my Emotional and Mental Health. Fills me up with all the positive energy that I need.
  • Half an hour before my Lunch I take my Multivitamins, Omega 3 and Vitamin D supplements - Purely for Physical health. Omega 3 also helps with the Mental Health. But the day I am going to consume seafood I avoid the Omega 3 as i get the required dose from my diet.
  • Mid afternoon is the time for my home made Herbal Tea which is a mix of all the herbs - All the mix herbs Mint Leaves, Tulsi Leaves, Ginger, Cinnamon pieces, Cloves, Pinch of Turmeric powder have their own benefits and moreover I just enjoy having this cup of my Tea. Sometimes I have it more then 2 to 3 cups also during the day, specially in office.
  • Evening time is Avocado time - The super food which is highly nutritious. Before I used to make a mix juice of Avocado and Celery but now I prefer to have it separate.
  • And then Early dinner.
  • Twice a week then I have my dose of Hemp Seed and MCT oil.

My normal diet is a mix of veg, non veg and fruits from the berry family.

I have cut off wheat and sweets from my diet and I see a major difference in my health with it. I do love sweets and have a heavy sweet tooth, so occasionally like once a month I do indulge but I make it a point to have it during the day time and avoid it at night.
Cutting off wheat has been an incredible benefit I see, I have got rid of all the acidity and digestion problems and feel much lighter and active even after my meals.

Then I keep some oils handy for ailments like Oregano for cough and cold, Coconut for aches and pains and some others.

And last but not the least in our home we switch off our wifi and phones at night to get a healthy radiation free sleep.

You all must be thinking I operate like a clock, but it is not that way. I just believe that this discipline in the routines does bring a lot of benefit to the physical health. But yes nevertheless when I travel it all goes for a toss but then that's ok.
Overall with the routine the body has the capacity to take in some garbage and throw it out without impacting the health.

By just taking care of my diet and physical health I have noticed that it has made a lot of difference to my Mental health also.
Besides this I enjoy reading good motivational books, spending time with my crystals helps my mood to a very large extent.

I personally believe that a Healthy diet which is the most important, disciplined lifestyle which would include doing regular Yoga and Meditations and Mindful actions like cutting off from toxic people, minding my own business, doing things that I enjoy the most, spending a lot of time by myself all of this together compliment to my good health.

I am always on high energy most of the time with my lifestyle but that does not mean that there are no low moments or no physical health problem that crops up, the only difference is that I am able to get out of it very fast and that is the benefit I see by following the things that I do.
If for a long time I miss my routine I can feel the drop in the energy and that low feeling starts sinking. Also on the physical side I feel the body getting bloated up with a mess in the diet routine, so I prefer to follow it as much as I can.

Thank you @eco-alex for bringing up this wonderful topic. It is always delightful to write on the QOTW that you come up with.
Hope my post does a justice to your question.

Thank you for visiting my blog. πŸ‘ΌπŸ»πŸ‘ΌπŸ»πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸŒΉπŸŒΊπŸŒΈ


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