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Steemit Newsletter.....Wow


6 months agoBusy2 min read

Did everyone read on this....The Steemit Newsletter is getting launched today...If you have not then please do read it here Announcing the Steemit Newsletter.

Steemit is getting into full action, so many new developments have happened and are happening and this gives a very bright picture for the future of Steemit. While this newsletter will definitely help all the Steemians stay updated on the Steemit current affairs and it will also to an extent help bring a lot of Steemians back to the platform. We have end number of Steemians who were so active at one point of time but have now given up. This Newsletter will probably help rekindle their spirit for Steem.

Hopefully with this initiative we will see again a lot of action happening on Steemit. Already the last HF has brought in a lot of discipline and lot of action is happening. I am not sure what the frequency of this Newsletter will be like but whatever it will be a reminder for everyone signed on Steemit that we still exist and we are doing everything possible to keep rising.

The Newsletter is expected to start from today itself and I am so much looking forward to getting my 1st email copy. I am wondering what is the 1st Newsletter update going to be 🀨

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