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How Has Steem Impacted My Life?


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My Journey with Steem and Steemit began 2 and a half years ago. I got to know about Steemit through my husband, He had invested in Steem, he got to know about Steemit and from there my journey on Steemit kick started in July 2017.

The Phase just before Steemit happened in my Life

At that point of time I was at a very delicate stage in my life, I had shifted to a new country, had no job, life was getting very meaningless, there was nothing concrete I was doing, it was a challenge phase for me. I was constantly struggling for 2 years to get something concrete but the laws of the country were not supporting me, I started my own HR consulting work but there too it was not easy, since a new country and it was not easy to establish with their laws. There were lot of blocks in my way and I was constantly feeling very low because I was not seeing myself moving ahead in any direction. I was just not getting the path, I was going all over the place with nothing fruitful happening. It was very frustrating at times and disappointing also, because I was not prepared for this sudden break.

My Entry into Steemit

I got introduced to Steem and my journey began. When I started, for the first 2 months, I simply could not figure out as to where I was heading towards. There were times of utter disappointments, and I had all the possible withdrawal symptoms. I was not taking it very seriously, I used to feel this is another one mad rush where there is no value for anything you write, constantly for the first 3 months I had no earning, and I hardly showed any interest. I was blogging once a week and there was no effort on promotions, though I had joined with lot of enthusiasm, I could see it gradually fading out. My husband kept on pushing me to write often so then I started Once in 5 days and then Once in 3 days and now I write almost every day. My husband helped me a lot guiding me on how to go about with promoting my blogs, building network, reaching out to people, gradually after a couple of months I started getting some positive results. I used to see that many people would have very good visibility of their content and I would keep wondering how to reach to that stage.

Creating my own space

Gradually I started participating in different Contests. I used to get good response and also win some of them. I used to see many people wrote on Cryptos, some on very technical topics, a few shared some excellent photography, many into music, some wrote poetry, many wrote on travels, everyone had their expertise set in. I too wrote on travels, but my other topics were not very popular. I majorly wrote motivational blogs, Yoga and Meditation and on Crystals, so again this was my major concern how will I fit in here. Though now I see a lot of people writing on these topics too. But again people welcomed me very warmly on these topics and appreciated my work.

From there on there was no looking back. I just kept going on. Every single day I made time for Steem. There was a lot of learning on the way. My network started building up. I learned a lot of it the hard way and I am happy because I am very strong with my basics and in a much better place to guide newbies with my own experiences. Becoming member of different communities helped me a lot in reaching out to people.

Facing the Highs and Lows of Steem

Steem prices have gone very low and it really does not give motivation to one to keep steeming at the same pace as when the prices of steem were high, or even there is this skepticism of investing in Steem. But then there are many who are going on with the same rigor like me. May be with the little spike we may see people getting back into action. For me I see this as an opportunity to build up on my SP and also to get more visibility in the community. For me the 2 most important factor of being on Steem is to increase my engagement globally with like minded people, learn what they have to share and to earn as much as I can.

One should not stop posting even if the earning is low. Like we say every drop in the ocean counts and so does every single SP in your wallet matters

Steem for me Today

Steemit was a very big shift for me, because after coming to a new country, being jobless and not really knowing in which direction I am heading to and when all doors seemed to be closed, Steemit peeped into my life and since then it has been going on every single day for me. It has become one integral part of my life. I have taken it up as one of my profession I can say that.

When I began I made a small investment of buying 6k Steem and as of today I have a total Balance of around 26K SP, rest all earned. It has been a wonderful journey for me and I have no plans to quit for a long time. Some days went fantastic, some went low but all of them gave me wonderful experiences. I have met so many wonderful people here on this platform, attended the last SteemFest, part of some wonderful communities and all of this sets aside Steem for me from all the other platforms. Most important benefit of Steem is Freedom, I have freedom to write whatever I wish to without the fear of my content being pulled down and getting under scrutiny. I enjoy writing, though I know making videos is much more simpler. But my passion is writing and I have some goals for my life. I am happy that Steemit is the platform for me to achieve my goals through following my passion.

Everyone has a strategy to be successful, but the most important is to have one. As it is said Rome was not built in a day and so is success on Steemit not possible in a matter of few days or couple of months. But if you have the desire to pave out your way, directions will always follow and one will have their way out.

Steemit is one fabulous place where you can Dream and you can make your Dreams come True. It gives you an opportunity to express yourself and capitalize it. Steemit is my Freedom πŸ’—

Thank you for visiting my blog. πŸ‘ΌπŸ»πŸ‘ΌπŸ»πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸŒΉπŸŒΊπŸŒΈ

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