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February # Dedicated to Health # Health Series - 8 # Pros and Cons of Dietary Supplements


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Till around 6 months back I never believed in taking Supplements. I was always stuck up to the idea that whatever nutrition your body needs should be gained from the diet. For me anything in Pill form I did not want in my body. But after my surgery I was feeling very weak and I could see that the diet was not helping me much. The damage in my muscles was too much and the repair was not happening which was giving me a lot of problem walking, standing or in that case doing any work. As such I am a very healthy person, I do not have any problems with my health, nor do I ever get these problems of flu, cough and cold so I believe that my immunity is also good. But after the herniated disc surgery I was feeling the residuals were not getting repaired.

Finally my son insisted that I should get onto Dietary supplements for some time and I agreed. Which ones were the question. So I got my complete health check done to see what was deficient and the result was the Vitamin - D and the Ferritin levels were low and it was so obvious because my body was not repairing fast. So then I decided that I will start with taking supplements for some time. Today I will say I made a wise decision.


The supplements that I started taking are Vitamin-D, Omega - 3 - Krill Oil, Ubiquinol, Folic Acid and Whole-Food Multivitamin. The first 2 weeks created a little discomfort for me, I had an upset stomach most of the days, was feeling drowsy and sleepy, just wanted to keep sleeping. I guess the body was getting repaired and it needed that rest. After almost a month I could see a lot of difference in my energy level. The pain was gone and I was feeling better by every day. It was also showing up on my skin. I can feel the shift in energy level and now I am kind of addicted to my supplements. But that does not mean I need to continue taking these for life long. I will be getting my test done again soon and then revisit on what is required, in how much quantity and what is not required for the body.

While the Supplements are good to fill up the gaps in our health but it is very important of what you are taking. Not all supplements are good. There are many supplements that contain high level of caffeine and can be harmful to health. Also people with Diabetes should never take supplements without Doctor's consultation. In that case I will suggest everyone should take professional advice and only then start. Certain Supplements may be good in general but if the body has sufficient levels it may not need, and excess can cause problems to health. Some herbal supplements may also not suit your body. Combining certain supplements can bring harm to the body sometimes.


It is very important to buy supplements of a recognized brand and not go for any that is available. There are ample of companies in this business today and all may not be of high quality and standard. I personally prefer Dr. Mercola's brand.
FDA does have regulations around it but they are not reviewing the product before marketing. Hence get a complete understanding of the supplement and how it is going to work on the health and then take a decision if you would like to go ahead or not.

The general supplements for high level of health are;

  • Vitamin D
  • Curcumin
  • Omega - 3- Fish Oil
  • Ubiquinol (Coenzyme Q10)
  • Probiotics

All said and done, the first preference should always be given to the right diet intake, only when you see that the diet is not working enough should one get onto supplements.

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