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Every Moment is a Choice


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As the Saying goes Live each day as if there is no tomorrow. Every Night we die and every morning we are born again to start a new life. If we really start living our life with these philosophies imagine how joyful our lives will be.

We can choose what we want to be, either be a victim or be a creator, either be in the state of love or be in the state of hatred, live in peace or with anger, operate out of understanding or out of ego. Choice is all ours how we want to operate and live our life and this all goes with how we perceive things around us. But one thing is for sure, Choice is all ours to make our life either beautiful or bitter. Suffering is all created by us humans, physical as well as mental. when things do not happen our way or go wrong we need someone to put the blame on and the most convenient one is God.

God is not doing anything to us, it is our own actions and thoughts that keep reflecting back to us. Our life is in our hands, if we choose to change it no one can stop it. Hurdles will come but if we are committed to bringing the change hurdles will also dissolve eventually. The Universe does not give out any negative energy by itself, the Universe is filled with a lot of positive energy but with the inhuman actions, diluted thoughts we keep spreading out negative energy into the Universe and which eventually bounce backs to us bringing negative forces in our lives and then we say God is doing all wrong things.


Being in a state of joyfulness starts with us and nothing externally can help us. If we learn to not misuse our body and our sense organs by itself we will raise our vibrations and be in a higher state of consciousness. If we learn to not give sorrow to others neither will be be in that frequency, if we learn to give happiness we will always be in the vibrations of peace and happiness.

Contentment is a key to living a healthy and joyous life. If we keep having the feelings that I do not have this and that we will never scale up. Choice is all ours, if we want to live in a state of Joy or in a state of sorrow.

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