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How do cell phone work, comparism and difference with a walkie- talkie device


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Good day guys,have you ever imagined how a cell phone works, do u have a real and acceptable explanation on how it works,do you even know its history, do you know the different access technology? .well, some people will be like no while some yes ,no problem . In this post I'm going to explain all of those .
Alright,let me start by telling you what a cell phone is,Its also known as cellular phone or a mobile. The word ''mobile'' .It's a portable and wireless communication device that uses small cell with a base station and a cell phone tower at the centre of each cell that can make and receive call over radio frequency within a telephone service area.If not within the service area, should i say the mobile phone is useless ? Well lets carry on.

History and evolution of cell phone

Have introduced to you a cell phone ,and as you should know android,iPhones etc are not the first of mobile phones, they have generations and was gradual as human evolved....

Based on Bell's cell network concept,the
first handhield cell phone is DynaTAC 8000x introduced by a motorolla engineer called Martin Cooper in 1973 but before cell phones,they were car phones which weigh about 80 pounds,the car phone quickly became popular despite their limitations , only a limited number of people could use it and sometimes customers what about 30 mins to place a call.After the DynaTAC 8000x, years decades later,motorolla finally released a phone to the public. The delay was caused by the need to build cellular infrastructure the phone needs to operate.As communication advanced, in1991 the IBM Simon could be considered the first world smart phone, the first touch phone, and the first phone to have software applications after which in 1996 motorolla Star TAC was introduced which was the world first flip phone, in 2002 Blackberry 5810 is introduced which is the first blackberry phone,followed byT-mobile sidekick(2002).
The best selling phone of all time Nokia 1100 also in 2002, Motorolla Razr V3(2004) introduced as at that January 2007,Apple introduced Iphone .IPhone forever changed the computer industry and technology.
The first phone to run on Andriod is HTC dreamin 2008, Samsung first Galaxy phone is samsung GT-17500, the first phone completely designed by google is Google pixel in 2016.
Todays cell phones have a far cry from the DynaTAC phone in was easy in the inventions but today people use mobile phones as if it was easily created from day one .Thanks to the technology for bringing us together .if not for technology advancement we won't communicate on steem.

How do cell phone works and comparison with a walkie- talkie technology

Cell phones are actually advanced radios, a full duplex device that's when two people are communicating using one frequency for talking and the other listening, both people can talk in a call at once. While the walkie- talkie is also a radio but a half duplex device that is when two people communicate using the same frequency. So only one person can talk at a time. The component of the cell phone is the cell,an area service is divided by the cell phone system into a set of which has a base station or tower at the centre which covers an area of about 2 /3 square meter.
So the cell phone transmit signal or frequency to the tower which then connects to the telephone system to route the call.

what happens when someone calls you

Lets say for instance your phone is off and you power it on, your searches for SID (System Identification code) control channel. The SID is a unique 5 digit number that is assigned to each carrier by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) . If the cell phone cannot find any control channel to listen to, it knows not is out of range and displays no service.
But when it receives SID,it compares it to the SID programmed on the Phone.Once the SID match, the phone sends a registration request to the MTSO known as Mobile Telephone Switching Office. MTSO keeps track of your location in the database and also picks the frequency path that your phone will use in the cell network to pick the call. And once your phone and Tower switch on frequency,then your phone is connected and now you can communicate with each other

What are all these different access technologies we hear about: PCS, GSM, CDMA, and TDMA ?? Am going to be elaborating on this and as well the physics of cell phone.sooner or later.

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