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Pixelmaster - Possible ressurection with a new update?!

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8 months agoSteemit2 min read

Before the copycats were released pixelmaster was a very popular game on the EOS blockchain, but these copycats divided the community so much that day by day pixelmaster was getting less and less popular.

This can totally change in the new update that is incoming on 13 October at 00:00 UTC. It is one of the Dan Larimer's proposition for the game that will add much more initiative to be active and play.

The pot must increase by 0.1% per day. If the pot fails to increase by this threshold, the pot will be distributed and the canvas will end. The pot will be distributed to all players who purchased a pixel in the past 24 hours, proportional to that player's contribution in that past 24 hour time period.

The pot now has over 21000 EOS and will be shared if the pot doesn't increase 0.1% per day so playing pixelmaster is looking pretty promising again. We already saw some people FOMOing back into the game. If you would like to support us you can use our referral link - Pixelmaster

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