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New Oven - Censorship - Whale Buyer - Dip - .14 - 35/650


7 months ago

I picked this up on Wednesday from Walmart.

I like it.

It appears that coininstant's comments are censored from and I think he should be uncensored from Steemleo. I think he got censored for protesting. censored comments censored comments comments visible

Why I Am Buying LEO Tokens

Taskmaster's post made me adjust my bidding and selling. lol I probably could have gotten better pricing but I might not have gotten as much Leo as I did without his "encouragement".

I think there are about 2 weeks left of cheap Leo. I think it got down to the .10s for a little while but now it is back up to about .14.

The revenge of drakos: LEO's mini bull run halted on fire sell.

In 2 or 3 weeks @dtrade might be upset at some bidding war action. lol FYI you might want to try and get Leo on the cheap while you can. :)

Friday 10-18

5,000 Leo


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