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Trying To Stay Focused. Sharing Thoughts (U-log)


4 months agoSteemit3 min read

While the crew from @thealliance head on off to The BlocK Party, here I am in whoop whoop, trying to get my thoughts all back on track as far as the projects I was/am working on.

Trying not to spread myself too thin as some would say, but, heck, at times it feels like nothing is moving forwards in the direction I want it to be going, let alone the speed at which I want it to be happening!

So, I have put on some tunes, currently listening to:

and in the rhythm of the marchers getting my mind to think systematically again.

Yep, using music to get myself focused and thinking about what has to be done instead of running around like a headless chook and getting distracted by all the "noise" out there.

I am so looking forwards to the live feeds, reports, photos and stories about what all was discussed at The Block Party, nothing better than sincere Steemians who are definitely loyal to Steem and to one another as Steemians, hanging out and focusing on the good of Steem.

Personal "agendas" are not part of the agenda and I can safely say this as I have gotten to know many of the people who are going to be there.

So, to get myself all ready for the positivity and creativity I am going over the tasks that face and await me, going over the core elements of our blockchain, including but not limited to the financial side of our ecosystem and last but just as importantly, eagerly looking forward to a bunch of photos with real emotions and real smiles on people faces!

Anyone can smile when the photographer says "cheese" but there is that huge difference between a smile and a smile that comes from within, with all ones heart and soul in it.

All this combined is definitely going to be a great foundation to building bigger and greater things and making Steem head towards everything it can be.

Wanted to share these thoughts here with everyone. I find these U-logs to be my little way of saying things that I can't usually find the words for in most situations. Maybe not even here, but I know what I am saying and it helps me move on and move forwards.

May not be a novelist/writer, but then again, where is it written that ones personal blog has to be what "others want", why can't it be mine and for me to enjoy and use it the way I feel comfortable doing it!

I hope that I haven't bored you all with these thoughts, wish you all a great day


Yours truly,

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