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#0 JAIL and my First POST Should I talk about - JAIL - ????


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JAIL in Madrid - but grown up in SWITZERLAND - Depressions - Cannabis - Emigration to Colombia - JAIL - and such stuff... I I lived crazy things... but I never gave UP.
This is an short introduceyourself. I will write a more complete one very soon.

"Notice to myself, writing introduceblabla soon... quite soon... yeahh in the next days... or weeks... ;)"
I'm grown up in SWITZERLAND.
Made an aprenticeship in chemical laborities SYNGENTA. <- bad company! (I was young...)
Went to university to study energy and environmental engineering. <- where I learned that Syngenta is a bad comany!
I dint finished studing because something happened...

After travelling a lot since ten years... first in Europe, than Asia and last but not least if foud Southamerica... more excactly Colombia.

Short summary I decided to live there with my girlfriend... ;) obviosly she is from there... and yes she is hot :D

I also already made at my hostal, Swiss Cheese, Yoghurt, Bred, Jam, Butter and much more.

The plan was to make something with properties... But finally I had built an hostal.

.. and produced byside the normal business food for restaurants...

Because I studied engineering and because I always where a inventor I also constructed a solar wather collector for the warm wather on the roof. I also built a whey fermentation gas production machine and collector for under 50$ and a wind energy plant.

I will write about this in the future and also about Science, Philosophy, Physics, Nature, Travel, Cryptocurrencies, How to make Swiss Cheese, Marihuana, Caribic cost, Kitesurfing...and much more

Right now I'm in Switzerland...

but I will tell you soon why I had horses in my hostal garden

why I don't have the hostal anymore and

why I was in JAIL

after INTERPOL caught me at the airport in Madrid Spain... because I came back to visit my Family
but before I arrived in Switzerland 4 months ago... In 2 weeks I'm going back to colombia with my girlfriend for starting the next adventures...

Follow me to don't miss anything...

this monkey was in my hostal - quite often... because me guets gave them bananas... :)


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