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#1 JAIL REVIEW - BITCOINS - 3 years ago...


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JAIL-Story Introduction about a swiss-italian-turkish guy(me) - lost between Switzerland and Colombia. Better said in the Jail of Madrid, Spain...

As I promised it in my first short introduceyouself, I'll start writing what I messed up 3 years ago.

I have decided to write a kind of diary. This diary will have about 15 # chapters each about 3 to 4 pages long - maybe a little more or less.

#1 My big mistakes

To explain why I was in prison and why I was beaten by policemen in detention in Spain, I have to start talking about 3 years ago

I lived in a shared flat for 14 students just after the separation with my girlfriend. More specifically, it was the entire house with 4 floors, basement, kitchen and roof. Each floor had a bathroom and a shower and 4 larger or smaller rooms. Mine was the largest on the top floor and with a balcony.

So ... so I was studying energy and environmental engineering at this university.

Well, in reality, I have most of the time gechilled at home, smoking weed, gaming Playstation, surfing in the Internet, I dealt with friends and women and then sometime when we were just sitting on the balcony and smoked a joint, told my friend repeatedly from the Darkweb ...

When I heard of Darkweb the first time, I thought to myself,
"Hmm what am I supposed to do there, I do not want to rape anyone killing or do anything else bad, I do not need guns, hard drugs and anything else ..."

I knew that you could also buy Weed but I already had my sources for my own needs in Switzerland ;)
But when he started talking about the Darkweb this time, I got curious what exactly that was and how to get in there.

My friend mentioned something about Onion-Browser. The keyword ONION-BROSER was enough for me, I found the entry and it had absorbed me fast. I only surfed for hours to find more hidden pages. It turns out that you could buy a completely new life with Bitcoins (current price about $ 200). Passports, nationality, driving licenses, school certificates, counterfeit money and so on and so forth.

My thoughts after a few hours in the Darkweb and some joints:
"Well, I'm Swiss, Italian and Turkish ... I have enough passports Yes: I do not need fake documents My schooling is enough and the driver's license I have already. .. but this counterfeit money looks really interesting ... Let's order beautiful Euro flowers ... "

Thought - done ...

I have ordered 10x50Euro vouchers for about 1 Bitcoin (1st double error-the buy in and of itself and the price I would get for a Bitcoin today
By the way I bought about 3 bitcoins as a whole and bought other softwares and How TO's from the Darbweb (2nd bug).

Because I am Swiss and lived there, I have sent the Euro flowers that came from Italy to Germany directly in the EU area. Into a german postbox.
My thoughts: "I'll do it once and then I'll keep looking at how I'm going to do it." In case it gets bigger, I'd definitely need a higher security like a mailbox on a wrong name and that's just one of them wrong passport. "

But that was more dangerous... so I decided not doing it... and I thought it was not necessary yet(3rd bug).

A few days later I picked up the money from the letterbox there...

Follow and upvote here to read what happened next ... the chapters come now almost daily.
I hope you liked it. I am always very grateful for constructive criticism to improve my contributions and content.


already is out now... keep reading... don't forget to upvote this first ;)

I hope you liked it. I am always very grateful for constructive criticism to improve my contributions and content.

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