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Hi Steemit this is my "introduce yourself"


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Well hello to one and all.

I am just another normal guy with a not so normal past but that is irrelevant to who I am now. I am 30 years old already and that is scary to be honest. Have I accomplished much in these 30 years? Many people would say no but I disagree. I have a loving partner and an amazingly cheeky child who I adore more than the air I breath. Another on the way and hopefully it can stay the full term this time. I have traveled quite a bit and met many interesting people from all walks of life. Each with their own unique story to relate too.

I spent three years studying a board game called Go. It is actually one of the oldest board games in the world with its history stretching back more than 3000 years. I was watching an Anime called Hikaru no Go and thought it looked cool so I started playing. Managed to become the number one player in Ireland within a year and by the end of my time I had reached 6dan. Could hold my own against the vast majority of amateurs in Europe and the world. Even beat a couple pro's. I don't play much anymore but I am very proud of that time in my life but it did not exactly translate to any money making life skills.

I was 23 by then and still had found no true direction of where I wanted my life to go so I just drifted for a couple years. Partied and just tried to enjoy life and enjoy it I did. The only problem with floating through life is that I always felt empty. Knowing I am capable of doing anything I set my mind on and just choosing not too because it was easy. I had no real responsibility or need to improve myself so I just became a stagnant husk of man with a smile.

Then at 26 my partner got pregnant and it all changed. Suddenly living week to week was not good enough. I actually had something else worth trying for. Another persons future whom my actions would directly affect. So I needed a plan and I needed to be a role model but at this stage I had very few prospects other than minimum wage jobs or grow a shit ton of weed in the attic. None of those were particularly appealing to me and the latter would be morally questionable given its legal status here in Ireland.

So where does that leave me? I had zero euro in the bank, well closer to -10,000e that I owed for various loans to be spent on stupid stuff. Always told myself that is a future me problem. I kind of screwed myself over in that respect.

Then I found crypto. Numbers have always been quite easy for me. Working out fractions of a % in my head is child's play. So I started day trading with the thought all I need to do is be better than average to make a decent living. So I saved for nearly a year until Nathan was born. Learned everything I possibly could about charts and psychology. I quickly understood Crypto currencies at the time were highly speculative and moved by inference. People would infer value from other real world events and apply them to the cryptosphere. Needless to say I was good at it. Made enough to cover my loans and find us a nice house. Did not think it could ever end.

If only life was that easy!!

2018 came and the bubble burst. I knew it was coming and prepared myself. Liquidated everything. Put some away for when we bounce back in a couple months and lived life like a king for a while. Treated my friends to a nice holiday and blew money in all the dumb ways you can imagine. Then it turned out the bear market was lasting much longer than I expected.


I still had no real life qualifications that could translate into a "real" job so we were kinda screwed.

2019 came and the bear market left. Unfortunately so did all that cash I had put away to re-enter the market when the time was right.

So here I am today, starting again from humble beginnings. Slightly wiser and more mature.

I am not sure what your standard introduce yourself post is like but I cannot think of another way to tell you who I am. I am just another normal guy with a dream and some motivation.


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