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SAt this time, the development of digital currencies is very rapid even some countries have passed into currencies in these countries. This will result in the loss of the traditional currency that we use today. Because digital currencies will continue to grow and the problem of Cryptocurrency increases every day, therefore all security for digital money assets must also be considered to avoid hacking. Goldilock is here to solve the problems that often occur in the world of Cryptocurrency.

About Goldilock

Goldilock is an ultramodern and highly secure storage system where the user's wallet is stored offline by means of a physical air gap. Therefore, wallets cannot be accessed from the internet so personal information consisting of private keys to a Cryptocurrency digital wallet remains safe and isolated from hackable ecosystems.

Goldilock is the ideal form of storage that can be accessed and on demand devices that can be used to store data such as financial, health and client legal records while providing full security. Goldilock the ideal solution for law firms, hospitals, banks, government, and more. Goldilock will provide endless solutions to several commercial institutions


Investors and managers of sensitive digital asset cryptocurrency are currently forced to choose between stored hardware storage solutions that can be stolen, hacked, misplaced, destroyed or confiscated and online wallets that are vulnerable to hacking, denial of service and collapsing custodial compensation. Without a safe, improved and safe crypto key storage solution, both institutions and
Individuals continue to be plagued by financial losses often due to mismanagement of their keys. Traditional cold storage solutions are not the answer to providing investors with key management that fits their Solution for Cryptocurrency. The paper and USB buttons can be stolen or damaged. Storage solutions offered by groups such as Xapo or Coinbase have very limited accessibility not to discuss most of the needs of institutional custodians. Storing encrypted keys in bank inaccessories that are inaccessible into proper security for individuals or institutions that do not want to trade, but getting access to USB takes days, which is not practical for handling active assets. Heat storage solutions also prove to be unsuitable when it comes to key prisoners, simply: anything connected to the internet can be hacked and this is a very serious problem faced by investors to safeguard high-security assets..

Solution Goldilock


Goldilock built on three core locations:

  1. The wallet is stored offline through the physical air filter mechanism, and cannot be accessed from the internet.
  2. Using a non-IP mechanism, users activate their wallet to make it accessible via the internet.
  3. Users can safely access their wallets via an encrypted connection Using a special URL and access credentials
  • Users need access to their personal data quickly, but only Occasionial and for a short period of time. Other Online databIs are more useful for hackers than Rightful owners.

  • Personal data (including private keys) must be borne and guaranteed from physical contact and related to human error, and completely canceled

Usage Case Goldilock

Goldilock positioned to provide direct services to consumers and institutions that require increasing security for digital assets under their supervision.

Goldilock provides important solutions for:

  • Consumers and institutions seek better security solutions for their personal cryptocurrency that are currently available from third-party hot-wallets and cloud-based data storage providers.

  • Consumers who need more security, flexibility and global availability of private key prisoners are offered by Crypto's physical hardware wallet.

  • Institutions are looking for significant security enhancements to the most sensitive digital assets of their users by taking them completely offline when not in use, but the pliers need to provide access to those assets in notification at that time. This system can be utilized for key storage of personal Cryptocurrency, banking and credit information, personal identity, health data, digital media and signatures or approval keys

Private Lock Storage

For individual consumers, Goldilock will consist of storage and encrypted devices, which are stored inside the dome in a secure dat center. This device is always offline and is physically disconnected from the internet until the client chooses to access it. Through authorized non-Ip orders by consumers above the Public Switch Telephony Network (PSTN) storage devices will be remotely installed and online access via secure web logins, clients can directly access their data using encrypted channels to complete transactions. After the client completes everything and all the desired transactions, the device is safe
Set the physical private key to be disconnected from the internet. Goldilock does not have access
keys or data stored on client encrypted storage devices.

Exchange of Cryptocurrency
Centralized public cryptocurrency exchanges often also act as key guards. In the past year alone, their dependence on contemporary security methods has generated billions of dollars in stolen Cryptocurrency. Instead of storing client keys in online wallets or letting them be disconnected and inaccessibly cold. Goldilock storage allows cryptocurrency exchange to depend on our online-on-environment,
Reduce transaction processing time and allow for better handling of periods of peak traffic during the inevitable market cycle.
Our aim is to be an important choice both for exchanges that currently offer custody and for
those who want to increase their offerings by expanding into custody for their clients.

Online Wallet / Hot Operator

Goldilock will enable hot wallet operators and custodian service providers to take advantage of us remotely-automatically
Airgap custody solution. Operators can choose either internal ownership licenses or outsourced. Cold wallet solution
can be integrated into the Goldilock system, allowing operators to offer more accessible, however
safe and remote solution..

Goldilock LOCK Token

LOCK is a utility token that will be used to power Goldilock services.


NEO will be the first integrated Blockchain, with others soon to follow. The Goldilock Wallet service can be paid by subscription by LOCK. LOCK will also give users a history of their node activity.


If you are a person who likes to save and you are a person who likes to travel to travel to remote cities. You can minimize items to important things. You don't need to worry as long as the trip you take, you don't need to carry items or documents during the trip. Instead you can save data that is relevant to Goldilock, and can access the data at any time if you need it

A major insurance company in New York, the We Keep Info Online Corporation, has experienced security problems. They use the highest security layer protocol available today, and invest millions in cyber security. Even with all this, they are always afraid of being infiltrated, because the data they store is very personal for their clients and any breach of security means the end of their prosperous business.
While they continue to think of ideas about how to improve their online protection, a team of engineers brings Goldilock. The company immediately implemented Goldilock, and changed its name to WeDontKeepInfoOnline, pushing themselves to the forefront of information security. They can now sleep easily knowing that their data is immune to hackers, because they are not online in the first place. Goldilock provides a storage solution that is so unique that the slogan: it is "not hot storage, not cold storage, proper storage." Such storage, sensitive digital data can finally be fully protected.

Why is NEO Smart Economy

NEO is a community-based non-profit Blockchain project that uses Blockchain and digital technology. Digitize assets for automating digital asset management using smart contracts. Be aware of "Smart Economy" with a distributed network in combining digital assets, digital identities and smart contracts, NEO plans to build a secure Blockchain recognized by companies and governments that is the core of guide site [Goldilock](https: //www.goldilock. com/). NEO is the first platform that offers feature sets that focus on enabling smart economies that are in compliance with regulations. NEO is different from the competitors of other smart Blockchain contracts because it provides the following features :

Aim for Compliance Regulations

  • For large companies and governments to operate on the Blockchain. These institutions will need the ability to audit assets and digital transactions. Digital identity will require known and verified. NEO is committed to utilizing the Public Key infrastructure (PKI) X.509 standard for identity, which means that NEO will have the ability to issue and confirm digital identities. NEO is building this digital identification mechanism into their ecosystems by utilizing the Superior Consensus Mechanism - NEO Using improvements to Evidence.
    is building this digital identification mechanism into their ecosystem.
    Utilizing Superior Consensus Mechanisms - NEO uses improvements to Evidence. The NEO Consensus allows Blockchain to process more than 10,000 transactions per second without transaction fees. Attributes, compliance with the rules of the consensus mechanism, and the speed at which transactions can be made are made, for the NEO Platform is ideal for safe wallet utility tokens..

For more information, watch this brief introduction:

Other Information & Resources:



We propose the following preliminary release schedule:
2017 November : Goldilock Patent filed
Q1: Technical Proof-of-Concept Delivered.
Q2: Closed First Institutional Client Agreement.
Q2 2018: Release of Goldilock Wallet for NEO and NEP-5 Cryptocurrency to presale participants
July 2018: Lock Token Sale
Q3 2018 : Release of Goldilock Wallet for Cryptocurrency to all token holders
Q4 2018: Launch of Goldilock for digital Assets
Q1 2019: Release of Goldilock API Services
Q1 2019: Launch of institutional services
Q2 2019: Direct Device manufacturing kickoff for cost and size reduction


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