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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 7


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Part 7

Sitta felt great remorse due to the Earth expedition they took with his friend Ordin. Three months after the incident, he often remembered that day and wished to travel in time and return to that day. He not only did not stop his audacious act but also supported him. As a result, he lost his friend, Ordin, and his father, who worked in the stables. After a long mourning, he convinced himself that Ordin and his father's death was their fate. Sitta's action was the only way to achieve fate. Life was going on, and he hoped he'd get an opportunity to make up for his mistake, in part. He told his girlfriend, Derma, all about it, and Derma became his biggest supporter during his days of sadness. The daughter of President Omay, Derma, had a pinch of gray hair on either side of her head inherited from her mother and she took her father's blue eyes. She was not a beautiful girl, but she had a strong intellect like her mother and father. Sitta, an athletic and awake young man, was very grateful to Derma for liking and supporting him. Sitta did not come from a bourgeois family and thanks to Derma he had the honor of being a lover to the president's daughter.

The robots on earth seemed to have decided not to deepen the struggle. Life in the underground city, Yerşehir returned to normal flow. The most important change in the streets of Yerşehir was the rapid increase in the number of wild cats in the city, and the city administration announced that cats should be supported in order to prevent diseases transmitted by mice and people had done their best to increase the population of the cat. The measure seemed to have worked, and no mice were found in the streets of the city anymore. The city administration chose not to mention the name of the plague in its announcement, but the health care workers knew that the measures were intended to prevent a new outbreak of the plague.

Sitta enrolled in the management faculty of the academy during the new education period, Derma preferred the philosophy faculty. Their schools were on the same campus, so they met frequently, even Sitta went to the House of Derma a few times, on a visit he had the honor to meet the president Omay. She decided that this smiling young boy, who was as short as Derma, would not upset his daughter; she was connected to the presence of Sitta. Derma had a rather vicious personality, and she had recently calmed down.

Omay, who benefited greatly from intuition in her decisions, felt that robots would attack again, unlike other council members. That's why she wanted to reopen the tunnels that were closed 200 years ago due to the plague. Some of the council members opposed this initiative, arguing that plague or other unknown microbes could cause a new outbreak. Some of the council members were concerned about a possible war. While the city bourgeoisie supported the re-establishment of relations with neighboring cities with the idea that it would revive the economy, the city bureaucracy was opposed to this decision. Fortunately, Hader, who had an important influence on people with traditional values, favored such a change of policy. Omay did not deny that her husband's illness had a share in this direction, but it should not have been considered a selfish idea, many citizens of the city would benefit medicines from foreign countries, such as Tulpar. The plague had already ceased to be an important threat, and it was known that it was spreading through mice, and the vast majority of those who were infected could be saved by modern drugs. The administration had inspected the tunnels in the east and west direction, and she had come to the conclusion that the dents that occurred in the tunnels could be opened with modern equipment. After creating the necessary infrastructure, the issue would be addressed in the council and the city parliament.


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