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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 4


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Part 4

"The first thing we have to do in the face of this provocation is to be calm," Omay said. The long-term managerial experience taught her that the ability to dominate the psyche of his colleagues was more important than anything.

Commander Amara was so furious that she was pacing like a lioness whose cubs were attacked. She didn't sit on the ebony table with the owl and the wildcat reliefs on it.

"They may have stayed in such a brazen action because they had no idea of our war capability. I think we need to put our weapons on the line as soon as possible." Amara said.

What do we know about three-legged robots and guided mines?” Akman asked. Although he resembled a vulture with his bald head, curled nose, narrow shoulders, and thin lips, people liked him because of his cheerful moods and agile intellect. The glow from his tiny blue eyes hasn't changed since he was young.

"We know that robots and mines were the representatives of the high-tech forces that occupied our country eight century ago. They have automatic weapons capable of firing hundreds of rounds in seconds and mines capable of destroying tens of times more than our biggest bomb. These mines can also automatically locate and destroy targets.”

"How have these weapons been able to survive all these years," Akman asked. He was as relaxed as a spoiled boy who joined the adult conversation. He was leaning his head in his high-back seat, bouncing back and forth.

"We estimate that they replaced the ancients with new ones," said Amara.

“What makes you think that a possible attack could result in success?" Akman asked.

"Am I being interrogated here?" she replied, she was not accustomed answering such questions.

“I'm just trying to understand the situation. I am not as knowledgeable as you in military matters,” Akman said in a comfortable manner.

“I think we could seriously harm them with a surprise attack from multiple points.”

"And then?"

"If you have a better idea, I'd like to hear it," said Amara.

Hader, who listened quietly from the beginning, said, “I would like to say a few words about the subject if you give permission.” Then he began to express his comments without waiting to receive an answer. "I see the attack on the stables as a new response to the action of Ordin. It is meant to be done in the barn where the attack took place. I see it as a warning to us by the gods. There are lines that man should not exceed. Three days ago, we tried something that wasn't right. When it comes to paying off the penance of this sin, we try to hide. Taking refuge in the justice and mercy of the gods will be the most rational way in this context. If we do not attempt to respond in any way, these sad events will be forgotten in a short period of time. And we will continue to live happily and peacefully, as it has been for centuries."

“How do we know that the gods are in favor of the surface robots and their mines?" Akman asked.

“If you were busy with theology instead of drinking excessive wine and spending your time with light women, you might know that,” Hader said.

“It is true that I am not aware of the intricacies of theology, very sensitive and complex subjects. I have been trying to advance in the art of living in recent years,” Akman answered.

Omay turned to the philosopher Akman and asked, “Do you think we should wait or attack?”

“I think both of them would not be true”

Commander Amara tried to control her anger and said, “Well, let me repeat my previous question, What do you suggest us to do?”.

"Maybe we can try to talk to the robots instead of trying to read the intentions. Why are they keeping us underground? Do they have the power to decide, or do they follow the orders of another will? How many robots and mines are we talking about? Unlike the guns of our city, I understand they have not changed over time, but they are renewed as they become obsolete. How exactly does this renewal take place and what resources do they need to renew? What kind of civilization is behind these robots? Are they just occupying our territory or they're controlling the whole world? For now, these are the questions that have come to mind,” said philosopher Akman.

“You've listed the fundamental questions that many of us have in mind. I agree with you that the answers to these questions need to be found. However, our delegation expects concrete action proposals from you,” said President Omay.

"It's not a good idea to send our army to the surface to fight robots. Instead, we can secretly send a couple of death-row inmates upstairs. Thus, while we avoid declaring a war openly, we show that we are not afraid of them."

“Such an act provokes them more. We're talking about a plan that could lead to the destruction of our city and the humiliation of our sacred values. I am absolutely against this kind of gambling on the fate of the city. And I have to say that this delegation is not authorized to take the decision of such an initiative that could result in war. A decision to be taken by the council will mean ignoring the will of the Supreme Assembly and therefore of the people of our city"

“I don't think that the supreme council needs to make a decision in order to carry out such an operation," Amara said.

“I'm on the same page, but I'm still going to keep an eye on my lawyers. Before making such a decision, I would like to think more and clarify some details about technical issues. Thank you all for your participation and sharing your valuable views with us. I'll let you know the result tomorrow,” Omay said.


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