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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 31


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Part 31

Through cables carried by armored vehicles, Yerşehir officials have given power to the Black Lake from three separate points. Because most of the electricity produced from the sacred volcano was given to the lake, the city was lit with candles as it was in the old days. The reports of armored vehicle drivers to the headquarters did not contain any clear information about whether the electricity was working or not. Three-wheel trucks continued to carry ore to the lake, and metallic flies were still flying over the lake. The information provided by the Flying Fish had a cold shower effect at the headquarters: one of the three-legged robots had come out of the lake intact. Despite all these disappointing news, they were continuing to give electricity to the lake.

Yerşehir army has once again come to earth to make the final attack and repel the robots. This time they preferred night operation. Armored vehicles and large cannons have taken their place in such a way that they don't cover each other's sight. All the blacksmiths of Yerşehir were mobilized, and they produced simple chariots with wheels and holes for weapons in front of them. These two-meter-high square vehicles had no engines and no floor pavement; the soldiers were pushing the car from the bar at the level of their breasts. It was clear that the thin sheet of metal surrounding the soldiers would not withstand the firepower of the robots and mines. They assumed that being surrounded by metal would hide soldiers from heat sensors. There were only enough of these simple vehicles for the leading troops. After the robots were destroyed, soldiers who used metal nets and large cannons would be able to move safely on the battlefield.

Tamra was on an armored vehicle in the center of the troops. After she ordered an attack, the ball sounds like hell drums heard in the silence of the night. Together with the balls, the bullets fired in series from machine pistols covered the battlefield. In the pitch darkness, only cannon shells and the lights of the machine pistols were visible.

The strategy for containment of the soldiers with simple war cars seemed to have worked. Moving mines did not damage any soldier in the chariot.

The fire from machine guns of three-legged robots was relentless. Bullets were fired so often that the bullet marks were creating a continuous column of light. The smell of blood and gunpowder mixed in the cold air of the night.

Two robots over Yerşehir were destroyed, and the army was advancing without breaking its ranks. The army's first difficulty was the fact that a three-wheeled truck sprayed fire from the nose and entered the Yerşehir positions. They tried to stop the truck with the guns of the war cars first because the cannon fire at close range would also damage Yerşehir military units. This led to a severe loss in the vicinity of the truck during the initiative. One of the cannon operators finally took the initiative and fired on the truck, and this enemy unit inside the army was destroyed.

After the plateau on Yerşehir was cleansed from the enemy, the army troops began to move downward from the east slope. In the middle of the night, the wind started to blow strongly. And the wind scattering clouds made the moon clear in the sky. Now the silver moonlight has made all the troops visible. With the moonlight, thousands of metallic flies flew through the forest and attacked army units. Considering that these flies were sensitive to movement as well as body temperature, the progress of the units was stopped. The two-wheeled vehicles that threw the metallic net were immediately activated. These flies that blew themselves up on top of the target had caused severe distress to the army. All the big ball operators had died, the armored vehicles that were hit by more than one fly became unusable. The big problem was that the new metallic flies were coming continuously. Since the majority of the massive cannons remained unoperated, a new three-wheeled truck entered the ranks of the army and began to burn the soldiers alive. There were signs of panic in the military, and some of the soldiers on the back, who saw a second truck plunged into the ranks, began to flee to the plateau. Tamra was focused on the front, so she didn't see the escaping soldiers. Omay warned her over the radio, and those who tried to escape the battlefield were stopped by machine pistols. Omay instructed the reserve troops to leave the tunnels and join the army.

As soon as the reserve troops joined, the army began to move towards the Black Lake. Meanwhile, one of the trucks was destroyed, and the war field was cleared of robots. The number of metallic flies from the forest was also reduced.

Now the prey became a hunter. Flying Fish reported that the last three-legged robots and three-wheeled trucks stranded on the coast were destroyed by special troops. While the army was marching towards the Black Lake, the headquarters was preparing to celebrate the victory. Omay had a bad feeling. She was worried that the devil mentioned in the prophecy would come out and cause difficulties to the army. Therefore, as the army approached the lake, she instructed that all the troops of the military would become together.

As the army approached the Black Lake, the clouds progressed to the east, and thousands of stars appeared in the sky as well as the full moon. Under the silver light of the full moon, there was a spooky view of the Black Lake. The lake was covered with a thin layer of mist seen with difficulty. The electricity from the lake seemed to have worked, and at the end of a two-hour anxious wait, there was no new robot coming out of the lake. The prophecy was apparently not true.

In the first light of the morning, the search and destruction of the surrounding area were accelerated. In addition to the last robots remaining in the field, the search was also conducted on gold and silver mines. They were on earth now, but it would take a long time for new crops to grow. The people of Yerşehir did not have time to wait for the plants to grow. Gold and silver were needed to import food through trade; Nemrut was already starving. Due to the intense demand of Yerşehir, the food prices in Istanbul and Tarsus have risen enormously, and therefore the managers of these cities banned the export of food. Omay thought that the charm of gold and silver would make these prohibitions disappear.

There was a festive atmosphere in Yerşehir due to the news coming from the Earth. The entire plateau and surrounding area were completely free of the robots, allowing the public to surface. As almost all adults in the city participated in military action, the majority of those who came to the surface were seniors and children. Among those who ascended to the surface was the elderly priest who transferred the prophecies from the Gods to Hader and Umay. He was taken out of the surface by an electric car because he was not able to walk through the spiral tunnels. There was a fresh autumn air up there, and the old man shuddered as soon as he came out on Earth because his body was used to the heat of the underground around twenty degrees Celsius. It was a different feeling, though, when the wind hit him in the face. He noticed that there was a bright light in front of his eyes, but he couldn't see the view because of cataracts. He already thought he'd die soon, despite that he was grateful.

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