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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 30


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Hader, Omay and the other prominent members of the city came to the temple to get the Gods' blessing in battle with robots. They entered the temple through the high pillars of the entrance gate. It was dim because no lighting device was used except for small candles. They passed the square-shaped room at the entrance and passed directly into the hall dedicated to the celestial god. There were mosaics on the floor, depicting a volcanic mountain; side walls were covered with red marble, and the opposite wall with reliefs was covered with limestone. In front of the opposite wall, there was a square altar where the gifts to the celestial god were left.

Hader stepped forward and said, "We have come before you to be blessed with mercy and grace, o celestial god". The sky god was depicted as a man with a sharp cone on his head, and scrolls on his feet in the relief. After Hader left the bread, the meat and the wine on the altar, "O Lord of the heavens and the lightning, help us in battle with the demons above. Let the forked lightning be a whip and land on the demons that persecute our people. We wish to build new temples to show your supremacy to the seven worlds. Inspire us on this path, strength in our arms, courage in our hearts, our Lord," he added.

The delegation then moved to the room next to the hall dedicated to the queen of the sun. The hall was the same size as the other, with mosaics depicting a cloudy sky on the ground. On the opposite wall, there was a large relief of the sun goddess. The goddess was carrying an arrow in one hand and a bow in the other hand.

Hader stepped forward, left a golden dish on the altar and said, “The queen of all countries, the Supreme Sun Goddess, we beg you to come down and destroy the demon enemies. Lead our army into battle with the demons, let us be in the light, make us victorious."

Omay did not like religious ceremonies, she was not agnostic like Akman, she was simply not religious. It was not clear when the gods would accept wishes and when they would remain indifferent to them. She preferred not to pray to the gods because she didn't like uncertainty. Hader stated that prayers in the temple would be better served by the president, but Omay did not want to undertake this task. It was best for everyone to do what they believed and excited about. As the president of Yerşehir, she did not have the option of not participating in religious ceremonies, such behavior would cast a shadow on her dignity.

The delegation then entered the room of the god of wisdom, god of war, goddess of beauty and the goddess of fertility. They presented gifts to each of these gods and their support was requested.

Finally, they passed through a narrow tunnel in one row and passed into the hall where one of the veins of the Holy volcano was found. The square in the corner of the hall looked like a huge, dry scar. The red lava of the Holy volcano appeared among the cracks of dried magma. Although it was ventilated with two chimneys, the room was warm compared to the others, and there was a sharp smell of sulfur in the air. Hader paid his respects to the great volcano, asked him to help them in their battle with the demons on Earth, and so the delegation visited the entire pantheon of the seven gods of Yerşehir.

Hader asked to Omay on the exit of the temple, “Are you pleased with our visit?”

Omay replied, “The important thing is to please the gods.”

”Our almighty gods know what will be good for our people, and we have no choice but to take refuge in their mercy," Hader said.

“The prophecies of the Gods will guide us in our holy war.” said an old priest who barely walks.

Hader and Omay turned and looked at the man; he was at the arms of a younger priest, and his pupils were white because of cataracts. Hader believed that the demons deceived people from time to time through the prophecies, so they should be cautious about the prophecies. Omay was a proponent of all kinds of information, even if it was not sure of its accuracy.

“What are the gods telling us?” Omay asked.

“Follow me,” said the old priest.

Hader and Omay left the rest of the delegation and followed the old priest. After a short walk, they went inside a hollow with a round door. There was a rectangular table on the left side of the room where they entered. There was a liver of sheep in a wooden plate on the table. The liver was divided into two parts so that the patterns in it became visible.

“The prophecy is a curse,” said the old man.

“Then why are you mediating the prophecy?" Omay asked.

“34 days later, I will die,” the man replied, pointing to the liver with his hand, and added, “I have never seen such a thing.”

Omay regretted that she had come to his house, hoping something from the prophecy was a sign of weakness, helplessness, but she wondered what the old man had seen.

"What is it that has never been seen before?" Hader asked. The patterns on the liver meant nothing to him.

”We will encounter a surprise during the war, a giant or something like that, " said the old man.

"That was missing. Are you sure?" Omay asked.

“I saw the giant among the waves of water, and it appeared to me in my dream.”

“Is this giant iron or flesh-and-bone like us?”

"I don't know if it is an ally or enemy.”

“Is there another prophecy?”

”Death, " said the old man.

Hader smiled sorrowfully and said, “There is no need to be a priest to know it.”

“The death of a person who is very well known and loved in our city,” the old man clarified his words.

"What do the gods say to guide us?" Omay asked.

The old man sat on a cushion-covered iron chair after asking Omay for permission. As soon as his breath came into order, he said, “pay attention to the details,” and then he closed his eyes as if he wanted to fall asleep.

Hader and Omay were hesitant to sit or leave the room.

The old man opened his eyes and said, "Thank you for listening to this poor old fellow. I want to feel the Earth's wind on my face before I die. My heart is wishing to achieve victory within 34 days"

Omay's eyes moistened because the deceased husband came to her mind, she replied the old man, “We will do our best.”

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