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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 3


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Part 1 - 2

Part 3

President Omay was facing the people of the underground city in the Grand Theatre and was preparing to make a statement about the event that took place on Earth. It was important to calm the public's concerns because in the neighborhood forums there were criticisms that the city government was afraid of facing the tyrants on Earth. President Omay's innate gray long hair was shining under the spotlight illuminating the scene. In her red dress with the double-headed eagle embroidered on the arms and legs, Omay displayed an impressive image.

“Dear people of the underground city, I salute you with my deepest regards. I wish that the sacred volcano and the light of our gods are always with you. I assume you're all aware of the sad event that took place on Earth three days ago. As the city administration, we conducted an extensive investigation on the subject and took all necessary measures to prevent the occurrence from happening again. The ungrateful terror movement against an unarmed young man has hurt me like all the city people. We are widely evaluating what we can do to break the pressure of the three-legged demons on our people. Our council members gave me full support for the steps to be taken in this regard. I thank them from this podium. After our research on the subject, if a military action is decided, we will bring it to the Grand Assembly. In the meantime, I would like to express that we will carefully evaluate the recommendations of the local forums and the Great Assembly as the city administration.

Because of my busy work to solve the problems of the city, I haven't had time to write poetry in recent years. The solidarity spirit of our people in the face of the incident that took place three days ago affected me so much that I felt the need to write my feelings. If you will excuse me, I would like to read my poem “Underground City” out loud to you.

Ask our country to the two-headed eagle
With the right wing, on the sun, the left wing, on the moon
Our soldiers are comrades of lightning
They wait for the gardens of light, temple, cistern
Like the mighty beech of nine arms, calm and sublime
Their hearts are is as soft as carbide light
The claws of a fork-tailed lion in their fists

Our philosophers wait for the door of the sky to be opened to the gods
In galleries illuminated with electric dreams
They live in the dreams of a little girl
Watching unicycle races in the Hippodrome
Those philosophers think
The trams that are buzzing with sparks
Was invented on the banks of the nine fire rivers.

Our workers are the descendants of the guiding female deer
They look with bright copper colored eyes
To the jinnees of Galla without mercy, unaware of food and drink
They feed the map of the city and transcendental love with their callus palms
They are the good-hearted guardians of the underground lakes, the fearless heroes
They are the children of water, fire, and volcanoes, who are blended with soil.

Three-legged demons, mines, plague, pus and death
Can not intimidate the soldier, philosopher, and worker
The columns of the earth and our supreme volcano witness
We make the rainbow a scepter and protect it
We take three fires in our lap and protect it
We ride the lion and the pars and protect it
Noone had ever dare and will never chew our country

After the poem that the president Omay read, the audience applauded enthusiastically. “The city administration is ready for all possibilities, and I want you to know that there is nothing to worry about,” said President Omay. When she was moving off the stage, one of his aides approached the president and squeezed a note of information into her hand. In the information note, she learned that the stables that Ordin used to climb to the surface were attacked with guided mines. According to initial estimates, a dozen cows had been destroyed and five stables had lost their lives. President Omay has taken the lead of the headquarters of the armed police force directly.


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