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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 29


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Part 29

The losses of the last conflict on Earth and the hunger suffered by the people of Yerşehir upset Omay so much that she has not eaten anything properly and had lost a lot of weight recently. The red dress with the double-headed eagle embroidery on the arms she wore during official duties was now abundant. As the time of the great attack approached, more details of the military operation had been clear, but these studies were not enough to soothe her feelings. She sat down and wrote a poem about the fate of Yerşehir to express feelings overflowing from her heart.

When the morning sun headed from the east
Like a golden shield
I lifted my head and looked at the face of air
Sky Bird with copper claw was floating above
Like an arrow out of a bow
The world had gained beauty and freshness

That day, pale lightning-whipped, red cloud-edged,
And rainbow reined God has heralded me victory
Time was disguised as a silver-haired mare
As if the hands of the Gods touched me in my dream
That day, my eyelashes remained in tears
My heart rose up to the sky like a bird

In my dream, I saw a white swan with a long neck
In the magical white veil, she was swinging with a coy attitude
Maybe she was born of the red egg on the red pine
Maybe she came from far away lands on the back of the Simurg
The white swan looked like a dense ore descended from the sky
Her beautiful chest was shining like a round marble vase

I raised my head and looked into the air's face again
The air's face was too scary to look at
The Storm God's light was shining in the sky
The sky cried the earth shouted, and the darkness fell
Lightning fell to the ground, and the smoke became dark like tar
A white death was raining upon us from the sky

Soon our girls will be born with red mouths and hazel eyes
Our sons sleeping in the cradle under the red pine tree
Will walk to the horizon carrying the flowers of truth
With our hazel-eyed girls whose hair waves like lava
The doves will fly over our country and sing
Don't be afraid brothers; the earth will be our garden of light again

Because robots destroyed the light collectors on earth, the grass was dried in the light garden of the presidential palace. After the attack, new light collectors were built, but the garden was still pale. The oval-shaped table in the middle of the garden was the command center used by Omay for preparations of war. Akman and Tamra were sitting on the left and right of Omay, they were trying to shape the attack plans.

“I had a question in my mind last night. I couldn't sleep till morning,” Akman said.

“You're the most relaxed man I've ever met. I wondered about the question,” Omay said.

Umay was right, Akman never obsessed with the issues like respectability, wealth, and love affairs like people do. He avoided taking responsibility on any subject. He felt only responsible for philosophy, and after creating a certain number of works, he left the philosophy aside. Akman just understood why he embraced the cynic philosophy that advised not to have anything. Everything that was owned put a responsibility burden on one's back, and Akman never liked it. That's why their relationship with Omay didn't work in their youth. It was true that his choice helped him focus his mind on his philosophical work, but as time went by, he lost his old vitality. He was grateful to Omay for his commitment to the battle of Yerşehir against robots because his life had made sense again. He finally had a holy cause to mobilize his talents with complete dedication. He was astonished that he had worked so hard to serve their common target.

After not heard from Akman for a while Omay asked “Are you with us? We were talking about the last night's question."

"Robots' behavior is not consistent. I still haven't figured out the motivations behind your actions.”

“Can you open up a little?”

“They resemble animals, but sometimes they behave consciously. The attack on our stables and greenhouses was planned and organized. So how do we fool them by wrapping beef skin on war cars? They seem to notice things late.”

Tamra, who listened to the speeches with great care from the beginning, intervened: “I thought about it a lot. Someone's directing them sometimes.”

"What should we do to prevent this redirect?" Omay asked.

”I think the abandoned headquarters serve to communicate with their gods," Tamra said.

"Communication takes a long time if the beings who lead them are far away.”

“I don't understand what kind of decision-making mechanism they have,” said Omay, confused.

"Their conscious reactions to our actions sometimes happen within the same day, sometimes months later. I also understand that the metal flies did not attack Persepolis.”

“I think it's too late to make these evaluations. Let's stick to our action plan,” Tamra said.

Akman kept his eyes closed for a while and said, “Let's destroy their headquarters and cut their contact with their gods. So each one becomes an ordinary animal.”

Suddenly the light garden was illuminated, the sun had to be out, and Tamra stood up with the inspiration of the increasing light and took a short lap around the table. “I wish we had some more armored vehicles and heavy artillery, or we had time to produce them.”

“We need to destroy the towers of their headquarters. Only the upper part of the tower,” Akman said.

“Are we assuming they're just waiting for us there defenseless?”

“During our visit, we had no impression that the headquarters were protected. Unless they blow up our plane.”

”The operation to the black lake seems more important to me," Omay said. She had a feeling they were trying to get a job out of their way. “Hader was right; we started a campaign that exceeded our power.”

“What if the electricity we're going to give to the lake doesn't work? A single task force may be enough for the towers.”

Omay was tired of their discussion about the big attack. They were unable to create an excellent operation plan. “I wish they knew that our only wish was to live freely around our city. We have no intention of saving the world.”

"We will not be able to develop the attack plan further. Let's not try to predict the future. Akman said,” let us attack immediately."

"Let's not attack the towers. We're both splitting our power and pissing them off.”

Omay turned to Tamra and said, “I'm having trouble getting my mind together. I'm going to write down all possible scenarios on paper and go over them. Let our troops be ready to attack tomorrow or the next day. For now, you can assume that we will stick to our final plan.”

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