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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 27

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On the plateau above Yerşehir, the weather was calm. The robots, which had been dusted for years because they hadn't moved, looked like giant sculptures under the autumn sun. No one would have thought that the robots would be able to move if they would not see the green lights on their heads.

Two Flying Fish came out of the tunnels at the east and west end of the plateau. They proceeded to the other side of the plateau, and went up to the sky, speeding up near the end of the track. The airplanes began to make a patrol flight over the city by drawing a large half circle. The information that the pilots gave to the headquarters with the radio was not heartwarming. Three-legged robots and trucks were deployed as auxiliary forces around the plateau. As the number of robots increased, the number of guided mines embedded in the soil could have grown. Umay and Tamra had no chance of postponing the operation, and the army had to go up to earth and defeat the enemy under these circumstances, as their stock of food declined.

There were war cars with a miniature ball in front of them on various points over the city, and after a few maneuvers, they were positioned not to cover each other's shooting angles. Meanwhile, large combat cannons began to be deployed at the exit points of the tunnels. Following the completion of the maneuvers, Commander Tamra's radio command aimed at the battle carts and large cannon operators and they began to throw fire at the same time. In a few seconds following the artillery firing, the Yerşehir army, consisting of hundreds of armed men and women, appeared on Earth. Following the orders, the soldiers opened up like a fan at the point where they came to earth and started shooting at the nearest three-legged robot. Robots were never easy to hit because they could move their limbs quickly to escape the cannons and bullets. Immediately adapted to this situation, Yerşehir soldiers started shooting at the right, left, front and back of robots with automatic pistols.

Not a second after the first ball exploded, the enemy fire started. Robots threw up death on the platoons with automatic weapons, and trucks with three wheels climbed up the plateau to intervene. The worst was guided mines. One exploding mine was vaporizing a squad of soldiers, new soldiers from the tunnels took place where they were evacuated. More than half of the armored vehicles had become junk in a matter of minutes.

Following the war from the headquarters, Omay saw two of the robots were destroyed. According to the radio interviews between Tamra and patrol planes, the metal flies from the Black Lake were flying through the trees and heading towards Yerşehir. When the third robot on the platoon was deactivated, the mines erupted, but the new robots that climbed from the plateaus like giant spiders replaced them, and the destruction of one of the new robots raised the morale of the soldiers who fought on the field. Soon after a three-legged robot was deactivated, the soldiers began to move towards the edges of the plateau.

The enemy's first major counterstrike began when three-wheeled trucks climbed onto the plateau. These trucks resembled an advanced tank that was resistant to infantry and small artillery fire, while the large cannons had not been able to hit any of them yet. The trucks were springing fire columns in front of them, burning the infantry alive, turning war cars into a hot iron. Fortunately, two big balls finally hit a truck at the same time and took it down. But the real apocalypse has not yet begun. As soon as the flies came up on the plateau, they exploded themselves on the infantry and started killing them one by one. Omay instructed Tamra who was in an armored vehicle to conduct the war on Earth to retreat. The massive cannons hurried into the tunnels and followed a few armored vehicles that could remain intact. There was no chance that the remaining infantry could escape, some were burned by three-wheeled trucks, and some died because of the metal flies exploding on them.

The retreat was no solution because the metal flies entered the tunnels. The fire of guns, armored vehicles, or automatic pistols was useless against metal flies. Fortunately, a small number of soldiers had rifles that could launch webs made of knitted iron. With these weapons, most of the metal flies were caught. The flies collided in the net and destroyed each other.

The losses during the battle were not significant considering the total size of the Yerşehir army, and the Flying Fish miraculously returned to Yerşehir, but the shortage of food in the city and the number of armored vehicles lost posed a severe problem.

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