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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 26


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Part 26

As a result of the evaluation with the army's staff, Omay concluded that they needed ten days for the primary attack. However, the public was confused, and as in all times of crisis, the political extremist gained weight. At such a critical time, the last thing Omay would want to deal with was internal disturbances. It was difficult to obtain the support of the people because the distributed wheat decreased. After a long period of prosperity, people couldn't accept their children going to bed starved. As a result of the disaster in the west of the city, the people who lost their relatives were reactive to the administration. The traditionalists also accelerated their worship with the idea of "if we are to die, let us at least benefit blessings of the other world." Fear and anxiety that became widespread throughout the city led to an increase of those who heard voices in their heads, those who attempted witchcraft, those who committed theft, and those who committed suicide. Among the uneducated people were rumors that the great savior, which was prophesied by the gods, had come out of the Holy volcano and mingled with the people. After punishing the sinners who caused the great savior of Yerşehir, he would offer victims to tyrants to calm their anger and establish a new order for divine justice in the city. This new order would, of course, not resemble the current law in which there was a sound coming out of every head and great misdemeanor against the gods.

Omay was doing an election campaign, visiting the neighborhood forums, working hard to give the public morale. Hader, the focal point of the opposition in parliament, gave Omay support she had never expected in these critical days. In this support, a bottom wave that would rise out of the suburbs had a share that he and Omay would lift from their seats.

Hader's fear of the bottom wave soon began to show its effect. A group of thousands of men and women carrying torches started to walk towards the city center by shouting angry slogans. These were battered people; they had dirty hair, sore eyes and a pathetic state of clothing. They lived in areas where ventilation was not enough, the sewage system was not functioning, train and elevators were not available, and they were living in poor conditions. They concluded that they had nothing to lose but their hunger. For the people who lived on the fourth floor where the main settlement was located, they looked like they came from another realm, with their feet bare, their shoulders slumped and their eyes dim. There was direct democracy in the country, but these people had never thought about joining politics because they had no money to give the suburban train and they were ashamed of their poverty. In fact, walking to the city center was not a planned, organized movement. A woman who lives in one of the buckets on the second floor of the city, unable to silence her starving child, she started walking to the city center organizing her neighbors to find food. The people they encountered along the way joined them, and the number of participants increased as the news about the march spread from ear to ear.

Some of the crowd thought that the march was carried out under the leadership of the great savior born of the fire of the Holy Volcano. The great savior did not reveal his identity because his struggle with evil demons had not yet come to an end, and the crowd would punish the sinners who persecute the people when they were large enough.

There were also people in the crowd who didn't believe in the Holy Spirit. Some of them joined the group believing that wheat would be distributed in the city center. There were also those who entered the cortege, not because of their hunger but as they were curious about the city center. As these people approached the city center, they began to examine the environment with curious eyes, showing each other interesting objects with their fingers, teasing each other and having fun.

Tamra offered Omay to stop the crowd walking towards the presidential palace with barricades set up at the entrance of the city center, but Omay opposed such an attempt. She wanted to meet the crowd in person and find out their demands.

Omay greeted the demonstrators in front of the presidential palace and asked who their representatives were. Those in the front group looked at each other with amazement. “Our children go to bed hungry at night,” said a woman who came with her baby with an angry tone. Omay took power from the crutch, which resembled the lion's paws, walked into the crowd and took the baby in her lap, accompanied by the woman's confused gaze. While Omay loved and smelled the baby, one of the officers next to her handed his mother a bowl of wheat porridge. Omay gave the baby back to his mother amid the confused gaze of the environs and shouted, “Listen to me carefully” Now the community has been entirely silent, and they were ready to listen to what Omay has to say.

"As you know, our nation is struggling to survive with the tyrants above. First, they destroyed our animals and then cut off the light of our fields. Now we're out of patience. In a few days, we'il go upstairs and show them who the Yerşehir people are. I ask you to be patient until then. The people of Yerşehir are intelligent and generous. You know what difficulties we've been through these days. You wouldn't have come here if you hadn't been in real trouble. I'm not going to let our kids get into bed hungry. I will punish those responsible for the disruption of the food supply. Our army will organize a small amount of grain distribution to all who come here. A warning alone. If anyone gets the slightest ruckus, we'il stop the distribution immediately. We have enough grain for everyone, as long as you wait for your turn in no hurry. The distribution from here will be the first and last. In a few days, you will see that our distribution with the cards as usual. When we defeat the Satans above and reach Victory, I will summon you to the city center for the feast. Until then, I want you to follow the mobilization instructions carefully and help our army. Now, if you'il excuse us, let me go back and prepare for the war.”

A man dressed better than others in the back rows said, “you have drawn the wrath of the gods upon us. We will not leave the administration unchanged". There was a surge in the crowd, and all the eyes turned to the man who spoke.

"We will immediately take what is rightfully ours. I know where the warehouses are. Come on, fellas,” said the man.

The organized community around him lifted the banner of papyrus with the words “President resigns” and walked towards the door of the presidential palace. Some of the people in the crowd pushed the people in front of them and broke the crowd and started to move towards President Omay. Omay, who did not expect such a response, had an expression of surprise on her face. “The president can only be changed with the votes of the people,” Omay shouted. One of the progressive demonstrators pushed the president down, and a larger group of courageous people began to move towards the presidential palace. The president's bodyguards luckily stepped in and removed her from the ground and took her into a circle.

Now, the group carrying banners has reached the steps of the presidential palace. Following Tamra's instructions, the network throwing guns were fired from the top windows of the presidential palace, and the first man who made the call was caught in a single net. The soldiers fluttered him like fish on the net as they pulled him from the top to them. The soldiers with needle knobs in their hands surrounded those who were in the leading group and not caught in the nets. Now the crowd was pulled back slightly.

President Omay continued: “Our army is strong enough to defeat external enemies and the inside stray. We will continue to serve the public with determination. Food distribution will begin in front of the big barracks soon,” she said. The community, who was surprised by the events, began to applaud in enthusiasm.


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