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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 25


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Part 25

Omay was near her bed for the second time to wake her daughter Derma. She said, “get up, you're going to be late.”

”I am very sleepy," Derma said.

“You can't get up if you go to bed that late,” Omay said.

Derma barely stood up and looked at Omay's face. Her mother's eyes were bloodshot, there were purple circles under her eyes."Have you slept last night?" she asked.

“I haven't slept. I couldn't work properly. I left thousands of people to drown in smoke,” said Omay, there was a deep expression of sadness on her face.

“You had to do that. So the rest of the city was saved.”

"I hate to dictate the fate of people. I wish I'd never been in politics.”

You used to tell me, “it's useless to blame yourself."

“You're right, let's have breakfast together, then we'll do our work,” Omay said.

After sending Derma to the school, Omay reached out to the couch in the living room and closed her eyes and thought she should listen to her mind and body before the difficult day. Her conversation with her daughter was good, and she began to see the positive aspects of developing events. The day before, they managed to destroy a three-legged robot and two three-wheeled trucks, despite huge losses. It was understood that three-wheeled trucks were used not only in transport but also in war. The fires in the city were caused by these trucks springing fire from their noses. They wouldn't have destroyed them without the giant cannons brought from Nemrut. The other day, her sadness and stress had exhausted her body, which is not yet fully healed. After lying still for a while her body relaxed, her arms began to tingle, and purple circles started to dance in front of her eyes. While she was between sleep and wakefulness, she heard that the outside door was opened and someone came. She stood up, she went to the sink and washed her face with cold water.

The arrivals were Akman and Tamra; they sat around the working table to assess the recent events.

Akman wore a white blouse with snake embroideries wrapped around the arms, he cut off his beard and put a silver ring on his finger representing the sun. On the contrary, Tamra looked disorganized; her short hair was greasy and mixed; there were signs of exhaustion and stress on her face.

“I have some bad news for you. Robots attacked light collectors on the surface of the city a few hours ago,” Tamra said. She had an expression on her face that all this had gone beyond her strength to endure.

”What we feared happened," Akman said. There was no sign of any resentment in his voice when he said that.

“How can you be so relaxed?" Omay asked.

“I am like this” Akman answered without having to make any statement.

“I hope you have the information that we don't know.”

“I admire your intuition. The last attack destroyed all the hopes of the people. I think victory is close.”

” I didn't understand what this had to do with the victory we were going to achieve, " Tamra said.

“When the cat is cornered, he can even attack a dragon,” Akman said.

“Your words have made me very comfortable,” said Tamra sarcastically. She stood up and took a tour around the table, she was willing to say something, but she gave up and sat back in his chair.

“As if the attacks were not enough, our people are also at risk of starvation,” Omay said.

“I think our food stocks will be enough for about a month,” Akman said.

“Have you finalized the attack plans?” Omay asked Tamra.

“In yesterday's attack, we lost one-fifth of our army. I can still say we're ready,” Tamra said.

“I'm having trouble grasping what their strategy is,” Omay said.

Akman said,” they are responding to every move. “

Omay instructed the army to confiscate all the food stocks in the city and connect the food to the card. During the attack on earth, she felt that the soldiers should be healthy, the precondition for this was that their bellies were full.

All of the city's entrances, including those opened to the Earth, were closed and weapons production was accelerated to be used in the major offensive.

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