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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 23


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Part 23

During the days following the campaign to the robots' main headquarters, Omay rested at home. Her fever had fallen, and she had a bit of color on her face, yet she was not fully recovered. The wound in the left leg that ruptured was inflamed over time, and the ointments that were taken did not allow the wound to heal properly. She planned to take a little more rest at home, make a case study with the science committee established to examine the robots, and then put an end to the attack on Earth. While reading the book “Theories of Creation” on the formation of the universe at home, she was informed that a messenger from Persia has arrived. She knitted her gray hair to make seven spots, dressed in a double-headed eagle-embroidered outfit and walked into the saloon to meet the ambassador with her lion-footed crutch.

A few minutes later, the Persian Ambassador Agad appeared at the door of the hall. Agad was a tall man with curly hair and stable eyes. Embroidered caftan and belt adorned with ivory plates showed that he was a man from another culture. He greeted Omay with respect.

"You're welcome. What a surprise, " said Omay.

“Thank you for your warm welcome,” said Agad. His rectangular-shaped long beard and his eyesight added a dramatic tone to his facial expression.

"What news have you brought us?”

"Our emperor has asked me to convey his good wishes and greetings to you. After all this time, we're glad you're reopening. We hear you're having a hard time dealing with the Demons on earth.”

“Every country is having a hard time with them.”

“We are the only country that can be permanent on earth. They don't even dare to approach our base on earth anymore.”

“May I ask how you did it?”

“We built a castle with thick walls. They can't get inside.”

“How did you build it, what materials you used, can you give me more clear information?”

"In fact, the offer our emperor asked me to convey to you was about this. If you agree to pay us taxes, as Persia Empire, we are ready to protect you from the devils. Our military power and technological possibilities are appropriate for this. If you accept our offer, you will be free for internal affairs. You might think of it as a kind of autonomy.”

"How dare you express such an offer! What kind of ignorance is that? Today, the army of Yersehir is strong enough to destroy the entire Persian nation.”

"I'm sorry if I misjudged myself. I didn't mean to disrespect you or your people. We just thought we'd make a friendly offer.”

"If you are so strong, why not help the people of Mount Nemrut, your neighbor and ally?”

"Our Emperor expects the Nemrut King to report his allegiance to him.”

“You look like an experienced diplomat. You represent the noble people of Persia, a deeply rooted culture. Tell your novice emperor, who doesn't know about the world, that we will close the tunnels if he comes to me with such an offer again. Then he'll only dream about the Mediterranean trade. Take with you all the fancy gifts you brought with you on your way. It is not for any emperor to give gifts to the elected president of Yersehir. You can go out now.”

After the ambassador left the room, Umay's anger continued for a while. She was walking around the hall with the lion-legged crutch, which a famous carpenter gave her, and she thought of what technology they had to offer. The Yersehir agents who had gone to Persia on the pretext of trade reported that they had pet elephants massive cannons that would not work against robots. Their defiance was probably due to the emperor's disobedience. However, Omay instructed the council member responsible for intelligence to investigate Persian War technology in more detail.

Her meeting with Ambassador Agad led to a change in the plan for the rest for several days. She informed the science committee that he would visit them at the Academy.

Omay entered through the arched door of the academy building made of limestone and turned left and went up four floors by elevator to the academy meeting room. This hall was located on the top floor of one of the academy's two round towers. The committee members stood up when they saw President Omay. Omay observed a significant increase in her reputation in Yerşehir after she lost her foot. People have been treating her like a divine human being for a couple of days. She pointed out that with his hand that they would sit and walked on the colored mosaics depicting the solar system and sat on the seat at the round table reserved for her. In addition to the members of the committee, the philosopher Akman and the commander of the army, Tamra, took their place at the table.

Timo, Chief Executive of the Committee, said, " Welcome to all of you. As you know, we've been doing scientific research on metallic living things for several months. We can proceed according to the president's preference on the knowledge transfer of what we have learned. The question may be in the form of an answer or a presentation."

“I prefer the question-answer method,” Akman said.

“I was curious about the president's preference,” Timo replied.

Omay said, “the method of answering questions is suitable for me,” to prevent a polemic that could arise between the two.

Akman asked, “Do you think the metallic creatures above have free will or do they behave according to their instincts like animals?”

"My personal opinion is that they act following their instincts. Obviously, for some reason, people are enemies,” Timo said.

"Then how do we explain the coordinated attack on our stables?" Akman asked.

“They must have been directed by someone at the time.”

"Who do you think led them?"

“I have no idea about this.”

Omay asked Akman, “Why do you care about this ?”

“I'm trying to figure out their motivations.”

”They want to live, increase in numbers and rule like other living things, " Timo said.

“When the mines explode, they destroy themselves. It seems that all the lives of three-wheeled trucks are carrying loads. The three-legged robots are mostly standing like a tree. What kind of life they have? Should we assume that all the metallic robots are diverted?”

“We can see suicidal behavior in animals, even in humans, for the survival of the species. We understand that robots move only when it is necessary. The insect you see at the headquarters might be some kind of parasite; I can't put it anywhere in the Work Department of metallic creatures. Maybe there are other species we haven't seen,” Timo said.

"We learned from Amara's observations how they grew up. How do you think they're born?”

“Any part of metallic living things may become a new individual when it finds suitable conditions within the Black Lake.”

"Then what does the headquarters do?" Omay asked.

“We estimate that there are transmitters and receivers in the clouds of the towers. It may be that their leaders are communicating with metallic individuals. Or maybe it's a building they use to communicate with other centers on Earth.”

"Everything is in a fog. What we learn leads to new questions,” Tamra said in a thoughtful voice.

“We're at a good position compared to four months ago,” Omay said.

"We don't know much more about ourselves. For what purpose are we in the world? Are our wills free, or are we acting according to our pre-determined internal orientations, such as metallic mines that commit suicide?” said Akman.

“You brought a different dimension to the event, Akman. We're here to discuss how to save our country from robots.” Omay said.

“Our science committee has helped us develop strong metallic plates to protect against larger cannons and mines,” Tamra said.

Omay said “I would like to thank our scientific committee for their work. Let Timo support the planning of the operation to free the surface of our city from the robots."

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