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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 21


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Part 21

The Flying Fish, whose body was covered with bird feathers for camouflage, was brought to the top of the tunnel. Next to the plane, engineers were repeating what they had to pay attention to Omay and Akman for the last time. The batteries of the aircraft were only available on a one-hour flight, and if they wanted to get down safely, they should definitely not exceed that time. They should not rise more than 50 feet above the ground unless they had to, the climbs consumed the battery of the plane a lot. They had to be very careful, especially during takeoff and landing, and they shouldn't have landed anywhere outside the plateau on the city.

Omay and Akman took their place in the cockpit of Flying Fish and the plane was pushed out of the tunnel by ground personnel. In the soft light of the morning, Omay looked up at the sky for the first time in her life. The air was cloudy, but the view was open, and behind the forest, a majestic mountain ascended to the sky. There were four three-legged robots in sight. There was a green light flashing on the robots' heads that looked like metal barrels. Omay opened the wings of Flying Fish and started the engines. The propellers on the two wings began to spin. In the meantime, Akman closed his eyes after taking a short look at the sky as if he worshipped. He was deeply immersed in thoughts.

The plane trembled over the grass and took off before it reached half the plateau. When the plane was lifting from the ground, Akman began to admire the country landscape and the wavy gray hair of Omay sitting in front of him. Omay was trying to raise the nose of the plane up and as high as possible, contrary to the advice of engineers. They flew over the grass on the slope of the plateau, passed through the forest once Amara and Tolhan had entered, and crossed the majestic volcanic mountain. Omay has turned the direction eastward by turning the Flying Fish to the right. Now they saw the Black Lake that Amara and Tolhan discovered. As they ascended, they saw other ore deposits run by robots. Behind the plateaus where Yerşehir was, the sun came out of the clouds and was dazzling. They continued to move high, Omay broke the rudder East once again. She wanted to see the land to the south of Yerşehir. They saw two towers rising up into the sky, and this time Omay lowered the plane's nose and made it move towards the towers. A little closer, they saw a few buildings under the towers. The top of the towers was buried in the clouds. Omay cut off the gas and slowed down the plane, Akman realized that she was intending to land on the flat next to the facility. Now it was seen that the facility consisted of a large main building under the towers and the small buildings around it. The buildings seemed to have been built as if the molten lava had been stacked on top of each other. The buildings were mainly black, but there were green roads on the walls resembling veins. The majority of feathers glued to the Flying Fish have fallen, and the plane began to offer a poor look like a chicken with feathers spilled. The wheels of the plane touched the ground, trembled, and stood in a shallow pit.

“There was no landing in the plan,” Akman said.

Omay replied, “I want to know what the hell they want from us.”

"Aren't they too obvious? They don't want us walking around in the mines.”

“Maybe we can talk about it.”

“Are you sure mine will not target us as soon as we stand on the grass?”

“You better wait here,” Omay said. Then she opened the cockpit door and jumped off the plane. Akman followed her without hesitation. They walked through the grass and entered the facility. They passed through two buildings like the barracks to enter the main building. Meanwhile, they heard an explosion outside the facility. When they looked back, they saw that their planes melted into a full scrap. The black smoke was rising over the wreckage of the plane. They climbed the large stairs to enter through the open main gate of the building. There was a warm wind blowing out the door of the building. There was no light inside, only a dark mass resembling the chandelier hanging from the high ceiling was seen in the sunlight coming through the high door. When they came under the mass, they got nauseous and they turned heads. All the energy in their bodies seemed to be absorbed, and the black mass above drew them towards it as soon as their legs were severed.

When they opened their eyes, they were sitting in a room of twilight with purple lights tied to the seats. A light dazzled through the door of the room and a six-legged creature resembling a giant centipede appeared in that intense light. Akman predicted the creature they were facing was one of the robots' executives. The creature approached them by waving its body made of green iron.

“What do you want from our people?" asked Omay with anger.

There was no sign that the creature, consisting of hundreds of pieces of metal, understood it. Omay repeated the question. The creature paused for a moment and looked at both of them separately. Akman was surprised by the fact that the beast looked like the creature he saw when he was sleeping alone in his house. “We want you to leave our city and its environment,” Akman said. The creature came close to them and threw up an extremely hot, disgusting liquid on Omay. Omay's face contracted with pain. Her left leg melted down into the magma. The remnant of the thigh was darkened and the blood was slightly bleeding from the tip. Akman tried to get rid of his bonds to attack the creature, but he couldn't succeed. Because of the pain and the anger she felt, Omay''s face was reddish. “You will not be able to subjugate us, this land will be the grave of all of you,” she cried. The six-legged creature waved her body and sprayed an unpleasant smoke from its nose. The air of the room suddenly became heavy, and they both fell into a sleep surrounded by purple clouds.

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