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Sci-fi Novel - Underground City - Part 20

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Part 20

Omay and Akman walked from Omay's office into the room where council meetings were held. In the meeting hall, commander-in-chief Tamra, Supreme Assembly President Hader, member of the council responsible for industry Mitridat and member of the council responsible for Foreign Affairs Doma were present.

Omay opened the meeting with information that three-legged robots invaded Nemrut. Although they had prior knowledge of the issue, members of the council listened to Omay's remarks in a concerned manner.

Commander-in-chief Tamra was the first to take words: “We have been working with my staff on a possible strategy of war since I was appointed as the commander of the security forces of yerşehir by the Supreme Council. As a result of our evaluations, we have concluded that it would be the right way to attack without waiting for our city to be invaded. If they go in through the tunnels, it's almost impossible to repel them.”

“Why do you think that?" Doma asked. Since the day he returned from East Rome, he spent all his spare time studying the past encounters with three-legged demons. He also reviewed all the great wars that took place in history, and he took notes of pages. He wanted to contribute to the determination of the war strategy.

“If we come across robots in tunnels, they will easily repel us with high-fire weapons,” Tamra said.

"Could we not be able to use the other exits of the city to get to the earth and encircle them in the tunnels they entered?" scholar Doma asked.

“Even if we besiege them in two ways, they will suppress us for confronting them in the tunnel, and we must fight them on earth to use our numerical superiority,” Tamra said.

"How do we know that we are numerically superior?" Akman asked. His demeanor was just as comfortable as the time before he was sent to the Mental Hospital.

“Of course we don't know, ours is just a guess,” Tamra said. She had a much more relaxed stance compared to Amara, who died during the mission.

“I assume that three-legged robots can't get into tunnels because of their huge size, am I wrong?" Hader asked. When his popularity in Yerşehir increased, he brought the council room a seat made of green metal adorned with snake and eagle figures. The attack on Nemrut seemed to have weakened his ideas but had not lost much of his self-confidence.

"We learned that they could be smaller in size, and their legs are quite flexible from the information given by Commander Amara. Therefore, we are not sure they will not enter the tunnels,” Tamra replied.

“We had prepared a reconnaissance mission to get to know them better, but we couldn't get approval from the Supreme Assembly on the subject. If we could have made that discovery, we could have talked more clearly, " said Omay.

"The circumstances have changed since then. We can bring the bill back to the agenda of the Supreme Assembly,” Hader said.

"Can we assume that you will support the bill?” asked Omay.

“Sure. I support any action that would serve the defense of Yerşehir. After the attack on Nemrut, it is necessary to take into account the opinion of the people.”

"I think that opinion leaders sometimes have to take action regardless of the public opinion. Leaders should put aside political concerns and implement policies that they believe are right,” said Omay.

Hader poked his beards with both hands and said, " I agree with this view. On the other hand, when it comes to national interests, we should avoid the actions that provoke our rivals. It is not right to assume that only the president thinks of the interests of the city and that others act in fear of votes. We are all trying to do things that will help our city in line with our worldview and experiences. I know that there are different interpretations of my efforts to serve the people of Yerşehir. For me, the well-being of Yerşehir comes first, and I will sacrifice my entire career if necessary. I don't think we have the luxury of wasting time arguing about who's right and who's wrong. So far, every attempt to emerge on Earth has resulted in a loss of life and a catastrophe. I don't think that's going to change after today. Nevertheless, because I believe in the wisdom of the masses and I am deeply committed to democracy, I think that the sensitivity of the people must be responded to after the attack on Nemrut. I propose to bring the intelligence expedition to earth back to the agenda of the Supreme Assembly.”

”I intend to undertake the intelligence mission personally, " Tamra said.

“Since we have received Hader's support, we can assume that Parliament will pass the offer. Considering that intelligence mission has the potential to turn into a diplomatic mission at any moment, I'd be happy to go with Tamra,” said Omay. In a white dress adorned with bows and arrows, she was as elegant as a swan, and the sparkle in her copper eyes showed that she was very determined.

The expression of surprise appeared on the face of council members who heard the president wanted to go out on Earth. "It is not right for our president to jeopardize her life by taking on such a mission with the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. This would be suicide for our city,” Hader said.

” I would like to express my support to this opinion, " said Doma.

“I can go with Tamra," Akman said.

"If anything happens to Tamra, there is no commander in position. In light of the information to be obtained, an immediate attack may be necessary,” Omay said.

“I think you should stay here in Yerşehir, in a way similar to Commander Tamra,” said Mitridat, the member of the council responsible for the industry.

“If I'm going to instruct our soldiers to go out and fight the demons above, I have to go to earth first. Let us go with Akman. I want to thank Tamra and Akman for asking for this risky mission” Omay said.

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